Life Behind Beer: A Podcast

     Here in the trailer department at Iron Horse Brewery, we’ve developed a rule of thumb to apply to any situation. It’s called the 79/21 rule. It means that on all of our printed content we try to maintain that 79% of the information is useful while 21% is irreverent. We forgot about this rule in the creation of the Iron Horse Brewery Podcast and have come to realize it’s fun to chat but not really useful. We have a lot more to offer you than rambling on about nothing. Jerry Seinfeld already cornered the market on that I’m sure.

            So, we’ve gone back to the drawing board to offer new entertainment for your ears. A podcast entitled Life Behind Beer. Now, there are a lot of podcasts about beer and even some about the business of beer; but none come from the angle of being in it week-to-week with the same company’s viewpoint. That’s where Life Behind Beer comes in. Every week, we share stories from the beer industry, stories of our failures and successes, and the most important part, talking about it with you, the listener.

            In order, to better engage with what people want to know about running a brewery like ours, we’re starting a weekly segment called “Better Know The Brewery”. Each week, we’ll put out a call for questions on our social media fronts. Add your questions as a comment and we’ll answer them during “Better Know The Brewery” when the new episode comes out. It’s that easy and we really hope everyone out there will be as much a part of this new program.

            So, please subscribe on the podcast directory of your choice. Rate and review us because when you rate and review it lets other people know how much you enjoy the program and helps us get a bigger audience. If we get a bigger audience, we can do more fun things and maybe even start to get other breweries in on the fun! So click below and gain some fun beer knowledge!



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