How Not To Offend People in 2018

When (willingly) tasked with this blog topic, I knew going into it I was going to offend some people. It’s just the norm, now. Sorry not sorry because there will always be people that disagree, “what if situations” and extreme outliers.

That is one identifiable issue. There is not one right way to live or to think. There is not one way to describe a political party, race, or religion. All individuals have to be considered just that – as individuals. In the business and marketing world, this is just the thing we do though. Not in a negative way, but to capture likes and dislikes of certain groups of people through demographics, psychographics and geographics. So as a society, creating these groups, personas, or dare I say, “stereotypes” can help us understand each other, but also be the one thing that tears us apart.

Emotions and personal experiences make it difficult to have a calm, intelligent discussion about topics like politics, religion, race, gender, sexuality, and so much more. The fact of the matter, though, is you should be able to express emotions and personal experiences into these discussions. To do that, I think that having an open mind, listening ability, and being educated on the topic you are discussing are all incredibly important. Having this discussion over a beer can introduce a preliminary connection. It’s a way to engage with one another and remember that, regardless of differences, beer is a common link between two people.

To offend is a real thing. In literal terms, to offend is to cause (a person or group) to feel hurt, angry, or upset by something said or done. But more often than not, it can be used as an excuse. I believe, in a majority of situations today, saying “that’s offensive” or “I’m offended” is basically an excuse these days to say, “F*ck you, you’re wrong because you don’t agree with me.” Which is how we feel sometimes when people give us a 2-star review for our brews. For example…

You’ll offend someone if you like Donald Trump, but you’ll also offend someone if you hate Donald Trump.
You’ll offend someone if you’re a feminist, but also offend someone if you’re not a feminist.
You’ll offend someone if you’re a vegan, but also offend someone if you’re not a vegan.
You’ll offend someone by assuming gender roles, like, paying for the meal, making the meal, corporate jobs versus manual labor jobs, and who wears “the pants” in the household. You can offend someone if you don’t assume these things.

The list could go on and on, but my point being, there is not one correct way to live or to think. Understand people disagree. It’s such a simple concept to read on paper and say, “well, duh.” But in reality, we all allow ourselves to get mad, judge, and easily offend someone if they live or think differently. At this point, take a sip of Send It Pale Ale, and realize that you cheersed at the bar nearly ten minutes ago. There doesn’t always need to be a reaction. Controlling your own reactions and emotions can truly speak volumes AKA, beer time.

To end this rant, our communities should ALWAYS speak up against racial prejudices (of any race), child abuse, and sexual assault. This behavior will never be okay. Read and take what you want from this blog. Please understand these are my opinions, beliefs, and thoughts. Not right. Not wrong. Just mine. So, meet me at [ the pub ] sometime. Let’s get a beer & talk.


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  1. Carol on

    Perfectly stated in a world of radical gag-frenzies. And I love your beer! The 2-star reviewers can stay safe in hidey-holes.


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