My Beer Journey

“Sampler Saturday” is a pretty common phrase among the Pub staff at Iron Horse. This is referring to the obnoxious amount of samplers (flights) that get ordered from the customers on Saturdays. Although I say obnoxious, I actually am quite proud of those who are brave enough to go with a sampler as their drink of choice. It might be more work for me, however, I commend those individuals for choosing to try an assortment of our amazing beers rather than just sticking to what they “know they like” (which is typically Irish Death).

Indie Beer is one of those things that you say you only like a certain kind of, but if you would just give some new flavors a chance, you might actually end up finding something new that you enjoy. Today, for example, a lovely woman came in to the pub and said she only drinks wheat beers and HATES hoppy beers. I validated her feelings (professional beer psychologist here) and went on to tell her that we make a great hefe, but our other beers are good too and floated the idea of a sampler around. She gave in and went for the flight. Of course I put the hefe on but I also put everything from Light Rail to Irish Death. After she got through it, I asked which beer she liked the most and her answer….ready for it……SEND IT. A beer that we both thought she would hate ended up being one she ordered 3 crowlers of to take home for all of her friends to enjoy too. #yourewelcome.

This story is evidence that our tastes aren’t always as restricted as we think they are. As we get further into our beer journeys, we end up learning that there are several types of beers we might enjoy. For me, I started drinking beer right when I turned 21 (obviously) and I was suuuuper into BudLight Lime (hold the judgment please). Once I turned 22 I thought I better try some local, indie beer, because you know, when you turn 22, you’re a true adult (lol). Naturally I went for the High Five Hefe from Iron Horse. I really enjoyed this beer. It was light, a little bit sweet, and easy to drink. From there, I mostly stuck to fruity hefs and of course my BudLight Lime.

When I got hired on at Iron Horse, my manager at the time had me drink a sampler to get a feel for what the beers were like. At the time, I had never tried any other types besides hefes and a pilsner every now and then. As I made my way through the flight, I realized that these IPA hoppy beers and dark intimidating beers weren’t so bad. I was especially surprised with how much I enjoyed Irish Death. I have worked for this beautiful company for 2.5 years now and I am pretty easygoing with the types of beers I drink. I am at a point now where I drink whatever I am in the mood for; whether that be a kolsch, IPA, pale ale, or porter. My tastes have changed drastically as I have gotten older and I really appreciate the variety of beers that my pallet has adopted.

The point of all this is to encourage all y’all to branch out. Try something new. Because honestly, you never know what you might end up liking. Get rid of that “you like what you like” attitude. Or don’t. I honestly don’t care. This is just a story about my beer journey and where I’ve come since turning 21. Thanks for listening. Or reading. Whatever.

PS: Yes, I still love BudLight Lime on a hot summer day.



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