Send It

Going for it. Slam through it. All in. Balls to the wall. F#%k It. Send it. They’re not just words. They’re a lifestyle. And it’s calling you.

You want to hit the slopes with your friends and take that big jump you’ve been eyeing? Sure, it’s three times anything you’ve ever done before and your odds of landing it are slimmer than your favorite meat stick. Send It.

You want to quit college to become a brewer for an indie beer company even though you know you’re going to be working all the nights and weekends in the foreseeable future and might only get paid in beer? Send It.

How about attempting a marathon without real training? Send It. Instead of thinking “what if…” just go for it. Catch that wave. Get that tattoo. Chase a f*#^ing tornado.

Send It is for the beer drinker who is living their life one bold move at a time. They jump, fall down, then get up and go harder because they enjoy the rush. They don’t have a bucket list because they’re doing what they want right now. Because waiting can wait.

The liquid is a pale ale that also knows how to crank. At 5.25% ABV it’s a highly drinkable, middle-tier abv beer with moderate hop intensity but full sendability. This beer is made with Citra (™) and Comet hops and has 37 IBU. We recommend pairing it with being rad and your best friend, Jerry.

What are you waiting for?

Send It.


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  1. Al Quiocho on

    Thanks for the description of the beer. I will have to try it.

  2. Pam Nelsen on

    Having a heck of a time finding it on the west side of the mountain. I just tried total wine and more in Federal Way and hour ago and still none! HELP!!! SEND IT!

  3. Paula Rodriquez on

    Never heard those two words put together and used this way. So that’s very much a unique name. I like your beers. But that name does not make me thirsty or I don’t know it’s just kind of strange

  4. Christy Lesko on

    I can’t find this ANYwhere…no distributors in AZ CA TX etc… I’m a skydive pilot and we Send It all day everyday… it’s been the answer to everything for years…”you ready for the ramp? SEND IT!” So I need copious amounts of this beer for me & my jumpers!!


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