Tips For Enjoying A Beerfest

It’s that time of year again. The weather is transitioning out of cold and wet, to hot and sunny. It’s the time of year when everyone wants to just get out and enjoy anything that isn’t restrained to being cooped up in a house, playing Monopoly for the ump-teenth time. With springtime weather comes fun activities like biking, fishing, hiking, etc. But the one big thing it does, especially from a brewery’s standpoint, it brings out festival season.

Yes. Beer festival season is upon us, with people over in Eastern Washington just enjoying theirs, and people over in SE Idaho about to embark in their Mountain Brewers Beer Fest, the 2nd largest in the Northwest. A beer festival is a remarkable thing, bringing men and women together under one tent, to enjoy everything from the barrel-aged super stout, to the hoppiest hop bomb this side of the Mississippi. It really is a sight to see from the brewery side. As a brewery, employees not only get to give people a chance to taste what they have to offer, but they get to go sample the “competition” as well. But, beer fests can be exhausting, tiresome, and of course, drunk. As a cousin of IHB, I have some tips for you consumers so that you can successfully partake and remember everything about your festival experience. 

Tip 1: Eat. Eat. Eat. Most of these events are usually outside, where it’s, surprise, sometimes pretty hot. The first two hours you’ll feel fine, but after hour 5, in 80-90 degree weather, you could feel it. Luckily they have plenty of vendors here, or just pack a party sub and call it good.

Tip 2: Moderation. This sounds redundant, I know, but I have seen what those 5 oz samples can do to someone. People think that since it’s not a full pint, they actually aren’t drinking that much, but after sample 15, in about 3 hours, people start collapsing, or just getting S#*!-Faced before 4. So, as Captain Morgan would say, “Drink Responsibly”.

Tip 3: It’s pretty simple, have fun. Talk to the breweries, ask questions, and lastly, enjoy yourself. There are so many beers to try out there, and this is a great chance to. Plus you might walk away with some swag.

That’s about it. These are my tips for anyone going to a festival. Please go experience what is out there. Every festival is different, so why not go enjoy them all.



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