Best by dates for beer

When talking about why we date our packaged beer you get yourself into a very deep hole of brewing science to explain something that seems so simple. I will try my best to bring a little bit of light into that brewing science hole.

When you look at a date on a can, bottle, or keg from Iron Horse Brewery you are seeing the date at which one of our packaging technicians filled the vessel with our delicious liquid. It is at this point that the consumer, because we know you are smart, has to do a wee bit of math. The cool part is that the math is pretty easy. All you, the consumer, has to do is just add 3 more months to the date and you got your best by.

Fear not if you buy one of our godly brews with a date that may be a bit off of that 3 months. Beer does not “go bad”, however, it does change. We use the 3 months as a guide to our distributors and consumers so when you try one of our brews you taste what our brewer, Tyson Read, intended the beer to truly taste like. As the beer gets closer to the 3 months things have a greater chance of changing. Like I stated in the beginning, there is a litany of different factors that change the shelf life of a beer. Some of these factors are amount of dissolved oxygen in package, heat and light in transportation, volatiles within the beer. Bigger breweries, who have more capital, are able to refine their process and control these factors and more. We at Iron Horse Brewery use our constant revising of our quality protocols to ensure that we are giving our consumers the best product. A mix of testing in our lab, ensuring our dissolved oxygen is low on all of our pack lines, and weekly quality tastings all in the name of great beer!

If you are truly interested in the quality of your beer I recommend picking up books on brewing science to better educate yourself as a consumer. You will enjoy beer more and will be able to call me out when I make up facts.

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