New Cousins

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New Cousins

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Catch up with the family.

Cole Ridley, line cook
Least favorite style of beer: Stouts
Middle Name: Thomas
What do you wish your middle name is: The Riddler
Favorite past-time: Conversations with complete strangers. Especially when beer is involved.
Who do you look like: I USED to have hair like Justin Bieber. But before Justin Bieber was Justin Bieber, so it wasn’t THAT bad.
Most underrated movie of all time: Hot Rod. “Goodnight, Denise.”
Favorite Iron Horse Beer: Life Behind Bars Kolsch
Myers Briggs personality type: ENFJ



Jacob Schroeder, trivia host
Least favorite style of beer: Dubbel or Barley wine
Middle Name: Robert Walter
What do you wish your middle name is: Galactic
Favorite past-time: Yard games
Who do you look like: Vince Vaughn
Most underrated movie of all time: V for Vendetta
Favorite Iron Horse Beer: Third Rail
Mug Club Name: Boulder


Julian Parker, Prep Cook
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Root beer
Middle Name: Gregory
What do you wish your middle name is: Burrito
Favorite past-time: Snowboarding
Who do you look like: Barron Trump
Most underrated movie of all time: I’m too young to answer that question yet.
Favorite item on [ the pub ] menu: B.O.M.B Hoagie


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