Why Glamping Is Not Camping

Glamping. I feel uncomfortable just saying the word. I am a camping purest and I’m here to respond to Nicole’s blog. Glamping. Is. Not. Camping. Instead of a long winded explanation, here’s a bulleted list of 9 reasons it’s not camping. It’s simple, like camping should be.

  1. Glamping is a luxury experience, and the whole point of camping is to get back to the basics.
  2. You don’t need to be able to make a caramel macchiato espresso americano or whatever when you’re camping. Boil water over the campfire and add instant coffee. You’ll still get your caffeine fix.
  3. Camping is about surviving without modern conveniences. You can go a weekend without a shower. If you are really desperate you will probably jump in the lake or wet a piece of clothing and use that to wipe off any dirt.
  4. Camping is about disconnecting. You shouldn’t need an electrical outlet to go camping.
  5. When you camp you should be connecting with your surroundings and nature, not connecting to wifi and posting to the ‘gram.
  6. You shouldn’t have to spend hours setting up camp. Put up the tent real quick, unload the cooler and then get to relaxin’.
  7. Camping increases your appreciation for what you have at home. If you’re bringing half your house with you, what’s there to appreciate when get back?
  8. Campfires. Nothing beats the feeling of cooking something over a campfire. RV stoves and yurts with wood fired ovens will not give you that feeling.
  9. Food should be simple. You don’t need filet mignon wrapped in bacon for dinner or a souffle.

The. End.


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