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Guess Who’s Back

Hello again. Did you miss me? Because I missed you! If you haven’t heard by now, I am coming back to [ the pub ], baby!!

It may not be as often as it was before, and that’s because I still have my full time job with the Ellensburg Downtown Association. So you can probably catch me on random Sundays and at events for the most part.

I decided to come back for a multitude of reasons and the most important one is because, well, I’m broke. AND I truly do miss everything about working at Iron Horse (including free beer). That being said, here are a few reasons why you’ll be seeing me back behind my favorite bar:

  1. Like I’ve mentioned before, student loans SUCK. They literally suck money out of your pockets as well as the life out of your soul. Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but it definitely makes it difficult to do anything other than pay bills. I’ve never been the one to ask others for money or ask for help to pay for my own debt. That’s why I would rather have a second job then ask my parents to help me BECAUSE ADULTING.
  2. If you also haven’t heard, I recently got engaged!!! Obviously, weddings aren’t cheap to have, so any extra money coming in will help a lot during the planning process. We also decided to wait until 2020, so that’s plenty of time to save money of our own.
  3. Siting at a desk is making me socially awkward and lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my coworkers and my job at the EDA, but it’s a very small office and a lot of my time is spent looking at my computer screen and sitting. I miss running around at [ the pub ] and having great conversations with my regulars and even complete strangers. For that reason alone, it made it so obvious to go back to Iron Horse, rather than look for some other super part time job.
  4. They actually let me come back! How lucky am I? The minute I started to feel overwhelmed with loan debt, I reached out to Brooke and she welcomed me back, no questions asked. Well, she had some questions, such as, “how soon can you start?”
  5. Have you met the people that work here? They’re incredible! They truly make you feel like you are part of the family (unless you quit, then they call you a traitor). I missed being involved and the longer I was away, the less I felt connected to the company.

The only bad part about coming back to Iron Horse is the fact that my favorite server, Bri just left. Poor timing on my end! I’m pretty lucky to work with some amazing people though, so I think I’ll be okay. My first official day back will be on Sunday, August 19, so come say hi to me and let’s catch up!

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