Beer Slang

There are a lot of abbreviations and quick lingo that one must learn in a brewing environment. Here at the production facility we are moving as quickly as possible to get our godly juice (beer) out to our consumers to enjoy. Those time requirements don’t allow us enough time to even use full words. Below are a list of 10 words/abbreviations that are tossed around on a daily occurrence at Iron Horse.

1. ABV

Alcohol by Volume, and no it is not how many beers you can drink in one sitting. This term is used throughout the brewery in describing the amount of alcohol that is in a beer.

2. IBU

International Bitter Units (isomerized alpha acids that are in solution). I know, a lot of big words. Essentially it is a number made up by someone real smart about how bitter your beer has turned out. Hops are the things that make the beer bitter.

3. CIP

Clean In Place. CIP is a term that is used and is very important throughout a production brewery. CIP’s are built into most of our machines; Canner, Bottler, Kegger, Brewhouse, Tanks. Anything that beer may go pass through up until final package must be clean and sanitary. This is important because we want the cleanest and best liquid to put a smile on all of our beautiful customers.

4. LOE

Large Opening Ends. There are three physical things needed to can beer here at Iron Horse. The three things needed are: a can, delicious and awe-inspiring Iron Horse beer, and a LOE. You put all three of these wonderful things together, slap them together with a seam and you have got a can of beer. Cheers my friends!

5. Seam Check

Seams are a process of smashing together the LOE and the Can together so that all the magic inside will not spill out or be tainted by the outside world. I have written a more in depth blog about Seams and the process of them.

6. Brite

Brite tanks are stainless steel vessels that we put our green beer into. This almost final product is then carbonated and packaged. All we do at the brewery is drop the word tank because we are more focused on other things than wasting our breath on more words.

7. Fermen

Pronounced: (FUR-MEN). As I have stated, we get pretty busy around the production facility. All we do here is drop the tation off of fermentation. Simple yet elegant, like all of our beers. 😉

8. HopGun

No this is not a gun that shoots out hops, although that is a great idea that I may make millions off of one day. This is the apparatus in which we dry hop all of our beers. If you want a complete breakdown on how it works you will have to talk with one of our very qualified cellarmen, not myself.

9. Sani

A quick word to explain to someone that you need cleaner, usually specifically Oxine. We use this in our CIP processes to sanitize after cleaning.

10. QID

Pronounced: (QUID). This is the most used abbreviation here at Iron Horse. Quilter’s Irish Death is our bread and butter and oh do we love her so.

So those are a quick 10 slang terms from Iron Horse Brewery. Have fun. Drink Iron Horse Beer. Hug a friend.  

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