A Cozy Party

Have you been to a cozy party at [ the pub ] before? If you have get ready for the most epic, mind blowing throwdown of some of the ugliest sweaters you have even seen… and what some called the best Santa in town… If you haven’t you might not want to miss this one.

I’m sure you are all thinking why? Same old thing at the pub, beer, sweaters… NOPE! Wrong. We are going IHB old school and throwing it in the new location… aka a big giant room with nothing in it except maybe a spider or two. We wanted to invite you to see it before the magic happens. Some might call it a christening but whatever you want to call it, you for sure don’t want to miss it!

How often can you say I was in this building before it looked like this? How cool will your friends think you are when you bring them to the new pub and have a story to tell about that one cozy party. It will be legendary. Like nothing you have been to. Santa is coming back, there might be a live band but that is all you are getting for now. Just mark your calendars for Dec.  1 at 7 p.m. at our new location on Second & Pearl. Don’t be that person who misses it!


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