Beard Trends In The Brewing Industry

What once was just a natural hormonal effect of the human body, transformed into a lifestyle trend that helps support self identification, and is now surely at most an underrated artform. I silently judge (it’s ok, we all do) those who I think are just being lazy versus those who take pride in the manicured, well-conditioned facial hairs.

However, I’m not planning to host any competitions or expose who those people may be… but, I do believe there are four main reasons for the correlation of beards to brewery workers, and much to your surprise, it’s not because “all brewery workers are hipsters.” That argument is invalid.

Corporate Dress Codes
Quoted directly from Iron Horse Brewery’s Employee Handbook, referring to dress codes, “Don’t look like a dirt ball, unless it is at the mustache party (that is unavoidable). You are an ambassador of our business and our product; please take that into your consideration when preparing for your work day.” That’s it… besides the obvious safety precautions for specific roles in the company.

Now, I can only assume that other breweries have the same lax expectations. Mostly, because we all work with each other within the industry. However, if you’re working in ‘Corporate America’ or in the big city, I guarantee that your dress code is much more intricate, which probably includes something about tattoos, jewelry or FACIAL HAIR. Employees are often the face of the employer’s organization, projecting a public image to customers, clients and colleagues. As a result, employers often require certain grooming standards for employees, except for us… because we’re more focused on producing rad beer.

Creating a Community

Silicon Helps Facial Hair Growth
Drinking beer, apparently, is good for beard growth, and weirdly enough it’s NOT a myth. Beer contains silicon, in the form of orthosilicic acid, which is thought to increase circulation and stimulate facial hair growth. “Beers containing high levels of malted barley and hops are richest in silicon.” BOOM. Want a beard? Drink more craft beer.

Competitions & Awareness
“No shave November” or “Movember” are a real thing around craft breweries… I guess you could say craft brewery employees really just want to spread awareness of men’s health issues… We’ll see when November ends who really cared, and who’s just living the bearded brewer lifestyle.

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