Takis Takeover

Takis + Beer

If you haven’t discovered the awesomeness of Takis, you need to get off your phone, go to the nearest store, pick up a bag and try them right now. Takis are tortilla snacks that resembled rolled tacos and they are seasoned with a variety of different spices that create an explosion of awesomeness.

How could you not love these?


Blind Taste Test

Because Takis are the best we did a blind taste test of some of the flavors to see if we could guess them.

Takis + Iron Horse Beer Pairings

We also paired up Iron Horse brews with different Takis flavors to give you the best IHB/Takis pairings.


How we landed on those pairings:


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  1. Tam Leitch on

    I just finished my snack of Guacamole Takis, and now I see that I should have enjoyed them with Life Behind Bars!! Next time, I guess. At least I got some useful info from Facebook today.


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