Pilot Batch – Milkshake Stout

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Pilot Batch – Milkshake Stout

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Milkshake Stout

Hazy Milk Stout – Lots of Lactose

Batch 5906


    This beer comes from our Head Brewer, Tyson, who has a love-hate relationship with, well many things, but in this case beer trends. Trend in question: Hazy Beer. Unwilling to just plug-and-play in the IPA Haze Craze Tyson decided to apply his aptitude to an Iron Horse specialty, dark beer. He was inspired by some of the dark and crystal roasted wheat malts that have been showing up from maltsters but when it came time to get the job done, he went with Lactose, and lots of it. In fact, it has 3 times the amount as Cozy Sweater. You can find this beer on tap at [ the pub ].


    Tasting Notes

    Appearance – Murky dark brown with a tan head.

    Aroma – Cocoa and tasty-ass dark malt stuff.

    Taste – Chocolate milkshake, more or less.

    Mouthfeel – Super creamy, luxurious, like a nitro beer, but not nitro.

    ABV – 5.64%

    Calculated IBU – 60



    ½ BBL – Very low

    ⅙ BBL – Plentiful

    Growlers – Yes

    Crowlers – Yes

    By the Glass – Yes



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