Five Reasons To Eat At [ The Pub ] In March

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Five Reasons To Eat At [ The Pub ] In March

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Iron Horse beer goes well with food and vice versa. Here are five food specials for March that you can share with a buddy or hoard for yourself. That’s a personal choice.

1. Entree: Nashville chicken taco featuring lettuce, tomato, cheddar & onion in a chicken taco shell, crusted with Cajun chips, topped with a lime-mayo sauce. Comes with beans & rice.

2. Appetizer: Cheddar-Beer hushpuppies with jalapeño, corn & sriracha ranch dipping sauce.

3. Burger: Jalapeño cheddar burger with chips.

4. Pretzza: Bacon chicken artichoke with spinach, provolone & a garlic/olive oil sauce.

5. Something Vegan: Tika Tika. Cauliflower, chickpeas & house-made sauce on a bed of jasmine rice.

Our regular menu options are also available.


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