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This collaboration started about 13 years ago, for me anyway. While I was residing in Bozeman, Natalia bought me a book, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. I think it was a Christmas gift, but I really don’t recall. I am no connoisseur of bread books but I do believe this to be one of the finest available. As with many things, I dove in and absorbed as much as I could and started making breads using the unorthodox and challenging techniques the author set out as the path to great bread. I loved it. It definitely sparked my love of fermentation.

Recently I was made aware, primarily by my Mother-in-law Jann, of a place in Spokane called The Grain Shed. Jann brought to share with me a bread sampler pack of sorts and a crowler of beer from The Grain Shed. After rapidly consuming the goods while hearing Jann’s interpretation of what The Grain Shed does, I began researching them online. What I found delighted me. Perhaps this collaboration began closer to 1959 because what I found was a business, tied in with other businesses, that was aiming to localize our food chain again by sourcing ingredients from the Palouse. This spoke to a now multi-generational love for the land and process because for years my dad, Gary, has been discussing ways to connect consumers directly to the Palouse. Gary spent many formative years on our cousin’s wheat ranch in Lacrosse (WA) and evidently has never felt a separateness from that land and has often dreamed of a way to make the connection that The Grain Shed and Linc Foods are now doing.

So here I was, staring at an email about a collaboration fest for the Inland NW Craft Brewers guild wondering, would The Grain Shed want to work with us?

Add recipient joelthehero@thisishowcollaborationsstart?.com

Email sent April 9th

Joel, of The Grain Shed, was in. He has also been great to work with. His experience with the heritage, craft-malted grains of the Palouse got us down a path really quickly.

So, we got on some calls, looked at some styles that were malt-centric that we could distort a bit. Dark mild was the target to intentionally miss. Joel and Joe came over for brew day and off we went.

Joe, Joel and IHB Brewer Jake on collab day.

I describe this beer as an Inland NW all-stages collab. 2 Inland NW brewers used barley grown and malted in the INW as well as hops grown and processed here too, to create a Dark Mild pushed to the outer edges of darkness of color but keeping the roasted and toasted flavors subdued.

Our brewhouse also got a little crazy with the extraction so the original gravity was a little closer to what you would expect with a British brown ale.

Here are some nerdy details.

Linc Malts, Baronesse Pilsner 55%

Linc Malts, Baronesse Dark Munich 30%

Linc Malts, Baronesse Caramel Dextrin 10%

You will be able to find this beer, the Inland Empress, at the Collabfest, the Grainshed and …..

Steady Flow (Spokane)
Heritage (Spokane)
Onion North (Spokane)
Happy Trails to Brews (Spokane)
Lantern Tap House (Spokane)
Yoke’s (Cheney)
JJ’s Tap & Smoke House (Spokane)
Rooster’s (Clarkston)
Mike’s Tavern (Cle Elum)
Basecamp Books and Bites (Roslyn)
[ the pub ] (Ellensburg)

CollabFest Details
When: 5/16/19 from 4-9 p.m.
Where: Steam Plant Event Center, 159 South Lincoln, Spokane, WA 99201

Watch our Facebook live video to hear more about this collaboration beer.

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