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New Cousin At [ The Pub ]

 Catch up with the family.  Meet our newest cousin.

Rachell Brant, line cook

Least favorite style of beer: I’m not a fan of dark beers. (I love sour beer. It would be so cool if Iron Horse made a sour beer.)

Bottles, cans or draft: Draft!

Favorite past-time: I love to read. I’m super into nonfiction and poetry right now.

Who do you look like: Gail the Snail from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Least favorite superhero: The Hulk

Favorite Samuel L Jackson movie: The Incredibles

Worst job you ever had: Teaching preschool and kindergarten was a serious struggle for me. I enjoyed teaching high school, though!

Favorite Iron Horse Beer: High Five Hefe.

Rachell Brant

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