Hungry For More Dive Bars? Feast Your Eyes On This!

Hungry For More Dive Bars? Feast Your Eyes On This! (22 Washington dive bars and what to order at each)

Hello everyone! I’m back and I’m bringing you more Dive Bars in Washington. I got mad love on my previous post (25 Best Dive Bars in Western Washington). Haven’t read it? Check it out here. Everyone seemed eager to chime in about their favorite dive bars. I have to admit, from reading all the comments, I missed quit a few good ones! Because of all the responses I felt it was only appropriate to write a follow up. I wanted to put a spin on things and present you guys with A Dive Bar Happy Hour Menu. These are my personal opinions and are not reflective of the brewery or its business. Let me know how I did and what’s your favorite drink at these places! To all my fellow Dive Bar Fans, CHEERS! 


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