3 answers to our favorite question: “How can I get Iron Horse Brewery beer where I am?”

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3 answers to our favorite question: “How can I get Iron Horse Brewery beer where I am?”

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Many breweries have people who enjoy their beer. Some express that enjoyment by describing themselves as a fan. For us, the word “fan” falls about 1,000 miles short of describing some of the people we’ve met who enjoy Irish Death.

We’re fortunate to have a wide spectrum of appreciation. The joy of hearing how “Irish Death is the only craft beer I like” all the way up to “check out my Irish Death tattoo” never wears off. Those messages get shared on Slack to the entire brewery, and everyone gets a kick out of them.

A message that often accompanies the praise is one of wondering where or how to get Irish Death or another IHB fave near them. Being from a small college town, we get a lot of folks passing through for a while before moving on, and IHB is a part of the Ellensburg experience.

Whether you’re reliving your time in Ellensburg or just trying to enjoy Iron Horse Brewery abroad, here’s your guide on how to get Irish Death asap.

  1. Use our Beer Finder ihor.se/findbeer
    This option is best if you’re in AK, ID, OR, MT, and WA. You can search for specific beers at bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores within a certain radius of you. Any beer sold at a retail establishment is recorded on our Beer Finder within a week.

  2. Use buythebeer.com to have beer shipped to your doorstep.
    Every order on buythebeer.com is packed and shipped directly from our brewery, ensuring that you’re getting fresh beer straight from our cooler. This option works if you’re in:
    • Alaska
    • California
    • Connecticut
    • DC
    • Florida
    • Montana
    • New York
    • Pennsylvania
    • Washington
    • Wyoming
      We love clever URLs almost as much as we love creating beer solutions (see also ihbswag.com, radbreweryshit.com, or fixmybeer.com).

  3. Ask for us at your favorite establishments.
    This option is the most long term solution to your beer-finding woes, but it may be the most effective. The world of beer distribution is surprisingly elaborate. It’s encombered with quality control, scalability, law, and contract barriers. Our goal is to responsibly grow beyond distribution in AK, ID, OR, MT, and WA. We’re doing our best, but there’s a chance IHB won’t take over the world by getting all 50 state distribution.

    That being said, every bar, restaurant, convenience store, and grocery store puts a good bit of effort into stocking what people want to drink. If enough people ask for a specific beer it has a way of getting the attention of the people who are in charge of ordering. We’re not telling you to channel your inner Andy Dufresne and write two letters a week, but it may be worth a shot.


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