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412 Main Street: A New, Same Thing as Before.

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412 Main Street: A New, Same Thing as Before.


*Originally written by Suzanne Vargas

Since moving our production to a new location on Vantage Highway over a year ago the question has constantly been looming: what is to come of the tasting room and Micropub? Will we open a tasting room within the new production facility or should we consider different location? Should we keep two locations or consolidate into one? What should this new location be like? Look? Feel? Food? Maybe a TV? The questions were endless. Hence, it took us about a year to make up our minds.

But…as you may have heard, from the really boring release here…. we are excited to announce that we have chosen to combine the two existing retail locations into one at 412 N Main (Previously JJs on Main). Which conveniently, is right across the alley from the Micropub.

Why downtown? you might ask.

First, the coding issues that having a retail space within a production space subjected us to were much larger than we originally expected.Think, thousands of dollars in sprinklers, among other items. Most importantly though, we decided that what our customers really want is an easily accessible retail space. Yes, the on site brewing is really cool, but we decided that accessibility and central downtown location trumped that.

What about the original tasting room? What is to come of that?

We are working to preserve as many of the original elements of the tasting that we can. Rest assured, that barn wood is coming with us. Along with the same tables and comfortable feel you have come to love.

And the Micropub? I love that little building!

We are going to be bringing elements of the micropub to the new location as well. The stainless elements and minimalist approach will play a major role in the design of the new location. The space will no longer be “micro” but I think we will all appreciate the extra elbow room.

What is so great about this new location?

The downtown location that we chose has on site parking and the ability to serve food. IF this happens, we will be family friendly during specific times and locations. So grandpa can now babysit while at Iron Horse Brewery drinking a beer. you’re welcome.  For the immediate future though, it’s the usual popcorn and trailmix and whatever whatever food you bring in from other places.

Also, in March we will start working on a beer garden. It will be larger than the current Micropub beer garden at about 400 square feet. This will provide us lots of room for cornhole and relaxing outside.

Most importantly, having one consolidated location will allow us to focus our attention and provide the best customer experience and service we know how. Most days will be staffed with two servers which will ensure quick service and a more personal experience. We will have the ability to have as many as 9 beers on tap giving you more variety than you will know what to do with.

Our number one priority is continuing to provide all our customers with great service in addition to a great experience. Our goal is to provide you with beer knowledge as well as great beer that you can share with your friends. We are striving to be a place known for great beer as well as a great atmosphere. A place where unlikely strangers leave friends.

So when will this all happen?

We expect to close the tasting room and micropub sometime during October. Since we need a large portion of the items at the tasting room in will likely close first. The micropub will close just days before we are scheduled to open the new location. Which, as of right now will hopefully be complete by November.

As a kickback to the tasting room we have decided to bring back the infamous Locomotive Red for a short period of time. It will be released at both stores sometime within the next couple weeks. Make sure you come enjoy a pint and recall with us all your fun memories of the Tasting Room and Micropub. Then come November, lets make some new fun memories together in the new space. Hope to see you all there!

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[…] room, then we announced the shutting down of the iron horse brewery tasting room on prospect and closing of the micropub, then we talked about expanding our production facility because debt is fun, and also the time when […]

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