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7 Places Where Drinking A Beer Feels Really Good

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7 Places Where Drinking A Beer Feels Really Good


Do you ever have that perfect beer experience? You crack it open, take a sip, take in your surroundings and for a moment everything is perfect and drinking that beer feels really darn good? I think a lot of times that feeling has to do with where you are and the atmosphere.

This is one person’s opinion on 7 places where drinking a beer really feels good.

1. At [the pub] of course. The atmosphere is ideal for drinking beer, and more than one at that. You meet new people, talk to the pub servers and maybe toss some beanbags around. Drinking a beer there feels great. 

2. At the big game. Football, baseball, hockey… it doesn’t matter. A beer at the big game is sublime. It gives you the courage to cheer a little louder and maybe bug that opposing fan sitting next to you. P.S. Iron Horse Brewery is the official sponsor of “Referees ruining the game of football” and “The streaker they just cut away from.”

3. At the bar after YOUR rec game. If you play sports yourself, you likely hustled your butt off or at least made it look like you did. You’re sweaty and need a pick me up. The post-game location doesn’t matter as long as they serve up a cold one for your team. Hard work and hustle never felt so good.

4. Shower beers. Why does combining a hot shower with a cold beer work so well?

5. On the river. Although I don’t float the river because grandma made me promise not to, many of age floaters swear by a cold beer on the river. Make sure to clean up your trash and recycle those cans. Float responsibly.

6. At the top of a mountain. You summited a god damn mountain. If that doesn’t earn you a beer I don’t know what does. Crack open a cold one and take in the view. Mother Nature truly is amazing. So are you for making it to the top.

7. At Cookouts. Something about going to a cookout and cracking open a beer while sizzling some steaks on the bbq puts me in total relaxation mode.

Okay, I realize this is not an exhaustive list, so where do you enjoy drinking a beer? Where is your perfect beer experience moment?


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