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7 Tips To Make Wedding Season Rad

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7 Tips To Make Wedding Season Rad


It’s August so by now we are full into wedding season. I have already attended my first one this summer and have a couple more on the horizon moving into the fall. For the most part I enjoy attending weddings because

  1. You get to see all of your favorite people. It’s like being back in college again when all your friends are in the same place at the same time so basically a very rare occasion.
  2. There is free beer. 
  3. People watching. And traditions. And cake. Ok, in my opinion there are a lot of fun things about weddings.

Weddings are what you make of them. If you go in thinking you’re going to have a horrible time, you probably will. If you go in with an open mind or a plan to have a good time then I think you will do just that. Here are a few tips to make wedding season more rad, and some of them relate to beer. Weird right?


Wedding tip #1: Bring your groomsmen, bridesmaids, etc. to [ the pub ] for a beer before the ceremony gets underway. It will help take the edge off and it’s another chance for you to drink some send it. Just make sure not to spill if you’re wearing the same clothes for the ceremony. If you’re not in the wedding party you can also employ this tactic so you’re not sitting there super bitter during the ceremony. So you didn’t get to walk down the aisle with that cute bridesmaid… you got some irish death beforehand and that’s really all you need to be happy.


Wedding tip #2: Always volunteer to be in charge of kegs so you can drink your favorite beer. Are you semi-close to the bride and or groom? You can recommend beers to them or you can tell them you are buying the beer as a wedding gift. Make sure you purchase independent craft beer, not some of that watered down b.s. non-beer people think is beer. Then you don’t have to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a serving plate that will never be used. We can help. Visit to order kegs of your favorite Iron Horse brews.


Wedding tip #3: If you are the bride or groom, tell your friends to bring empty growlers so they can fill them at the end of the night if the kegs aren’t empty. This will also lighten the load so you don’t have to haul a half-full or quarter-full keg back to the car. If you are a guest, remember this tip.

Wedding tip #4: Make your own fun. Come up with a wedding bingo card or scavenger hunt, distribute them discreetly to your friends, and first one to get bingo gets to pick the afterparty spot.

When designing your bingo cards try to pick some obvious things that WILL happen with some randomly selected ones like this one here.

If doing a scavenger hunt the perfect time to start is while the bride and groom are off doing pictures because that typically takes a while and everyone gets bored waiting around. You can make it specific or keep it vague with either things to find or things to do.

Some examples of things to find: driver’s license of someone over 70, a quarter from 2000 or earlier, red lipstick, craft beer that doesn’t suck, something heart shaped, something you think will last forever, etc.

Some things to do: Thumb gun a beer. Get the bartender’s phone number. Cartwheel across the dance floor. Get grandma to accidentally swear. Those are just a few.


Wedding tip #5: Don’t leave the dog near the cake. Or the baby. Or yourself if you’ve been doing one of those water and apple cider vinegar diets to fit into your suit/dress. It will be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Wedding tip #6: Always have a backup playlist of awesome dance songs in case the phone plugged into the speakers dies or the DJ is stuck in traffic. Also, be that friend who starts the dancing (after the bride/groom’s first dance of course). Your friends will thank you for it later because there’s nothing worse than going to a wedding where the dancing takes 2 hours to get going and by then the venue is telling you to start wrapping things up.


Wedding tip #7: Help out where you can. If you were getting married would you want to have to think about picking up everyone’s trash and empty beer cans at the end of the night? Probably not. So properly dispose of your trash and place dirty dishes where assigned. Be willing to help carry that keg to the car or whatever your people need.

Whether you’re having a wedding or going to one I wish you good luck!


I also want to use this opportunity to wish IHB’s cousins Dane and Will congratulations since they both had weddings last month.


This paid post is sponsored by Iron Horse Brewery’s wedding program. Iron Horse Brewery offers discounts on wedding packages for beer in bulk or custom glassware like the image you see below. Email for more information.


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Chance Cook
July 19, 2021 12:55 pm

Thanks for the tip to buy the beer for the wedding so I can drink what I want. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and their choice to get married, but they have terrible taste in food and alcohol. Being able to bring the beer will make a ton of other guests really happy too.

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