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9 Non-Basic Fall Activities

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9 Non-Basic Fall Activities


Fall is here. Your friends have been drinking pumpkin spice lattes since August 28th.Your instagram feed is filling up with pictures of couples going apple picking, boots in the leaves, and pumpkins stacked just so. Everyone’s inner basic bitch is coming out this time of year.

Being basic is totally acceptable. I’m pretty sure I’m 90% basic too, so I’m not hating on basics. But this fall instead of waiting in line for a turn at getting the perfect fall instagram picture at the pumpkin patch why don’t you try something different? I’m not saying you shouldn’t support local farmers by going to their patch or orchard because you definitely should and traditions are cool. I’m just saying maybe you should throw something else into your fall mix. Here are 9 alternative fall activities to consider.

  1. Drink mocha death instead of pumpkin beer. Tour Iron Horse Brewery then drink some mocha at [ the pub ]. Can’t make it to Ellensburg this fall? Contact your local brewery and see if they give tours. It’s a unique experience and will bring you and your local brewery closer.

  2. Everyone is into picking pumpkins & apples in the fall. Instead of picking those, how about picking up trash on your street? Grab a few friends, do a 20-minute cleanup and then follow it up with happy hour at a pub nearest you. Surely a before and after pic of your hard work will garner a few hearts on the gram + all the warm fuzzy feelings you get from taking pride in the place where you live.
  3. Nothing says fall to me like soccer. When the nights start to get cooler I just get that feeling of being a kid and having it be AYSO soccer season. Catch a local game, join a rec team or jump into a pickup game at the park. After a few sprints up and down the pitch you’ll be remembering what it was like to be a kid.
  4. If you’re into the leaves changing and all that jazz why don’t you help your elderly neighbors rake up their leaves? You might make a new friend in the process.
  5. Take in a rugby game. Okay, okay we all know we’re going to watch football this year. It’s basic, but we’re gonna do it. You should still go to a rugby game because it’s something you probably haven’t watched before.
  6. Have a canning party to put all those extra garden vegetables to good use.
  7. Get yo crafting on. Here is an idea. Here is another one.
  8. Volunteer. There are a lot of great nonprofits in Kittitas County or wherever you live that could use a boost of volunteers. As it gets colder the cold weather shelter always needs helping hands.
  9. Visit a local park. It’s free and you need to get outside as much as possible before it snows and you start putting Netflix on 24/7. Parks are the real gems of a community. All of the parks in Ellensburg are great, but my favorites this time of year are Paul Rogers Wildlife Park and Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park because they are great if you’re a little basic and want to take in that fall foliage. 


What are your favorite activities to enjoy this time of year?

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