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A Post Somewhat Related to Craft Beer

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A Post Somewhat Related to Craft Beer


Hello again.
Today’s post was originally going to be authored by Regan, but we decided to postpone her work for another week as she recovers from a bachelorette party in Vegas. Apparently it was a good time and she was able to come back with her body mostly in tact and her brain power only slightly diminished. She’ll be posting next week and you can rest assured it will pertain to craft beer much more than this entry. I’m sure some people will be put off by a blog post on a brewery website that only deals with beer minimally, but c’mon people who spends all their time thinking about one subject? I’ll tell you who…serial killers. And for the non serial killers out there that fit this description, I apologize for lumping you in with them, but maybe its time to harness your inner Leonardo Da Vinci and branch out.
Below you will find a few links to articles on topics that I find interesting with a short blurb accompanying each. Please post a comment if you disagree with the format or any of the points I make. It warms my heart to look down on people with disdain anytime they disagree with one of my opinions (read last statement with a sarcastic tone please). Anyways…

Hoppy Beer…
Here’s the link. Opens in a new window.
Although I would point out that there are a few inaccuracies in this article, it raises an interesting question. Would the craft movement be gaining steam even more rapidly if the majority of our industry hadn’t fallen head over heels in love with hop bitterness? Not really sure, but thought it was an interesting idea. The most common complaints I hear about craft beer from people who don’t drink it is the beer is too bitter or dark. Does that mean we should listen to the uninitiated and attempt to offer “thinner” beer so we can get them a seat on the craft beer train (I think the track ends at barley wine station)? The answer probably lies in offering a few gateway styles without compromising all the delicious full bodied styles we have grown to love as craft enthusiasts. Since this is already happening across the country, my question to you would be how do we point these newbies in the right direction?


Here is the link to the article. Also opens in a new window.
And we have now officially left the subject of beer. Of course, this artlcle ties in to craft beer loosely because it’s about respecting your local environment and community, both important tenants to the majority of craft breweries. To be honest, this article isn’t even that interesting, but it allows me to mention something important. I despise littering like few other things in life. At some point down the road I will delve deeper into the subject (I’m sure you, the reader, is waiting with baited breath for that one), but for now will leave it at this. People that make a habit of littering are not only lazy and selfish, they are usually lacking pride (as mentioned by the gentleman in the article). Its not hard to find a trash can or put the refuse in your pocket until you do, its a small inconvenience. If you’re going to litter, please take it up a notch and stop using a toilet. What’s the difference between dropping a candy wrapper on the street or taking a dump on a sidewalk? Not much outside of the reaction people near you when you decide to place a steamer on the pavement.

And the link to the article is here.
Two sports references in two days on the blog?!! Don’t worry this won’t happen often. I was surprised Greg even knew what the term inside baseball meant. Calling Greg a sports fan would be similar to calling Chris Christie a fan of exercise, or Kim Jong Un a fan of democracy or Lindsey Lohan a fan of sobriety…you get the point. Again, one could argue that this topic ties in loosely because of the community aspect. Regardless, I included it because I grew up a huge fan of the Sonics and believe that sports teams provide a huge benefit to any city. If you want a list of reasons why, feel free to email me at Strangely, I was happy to see Sacramento keep their team, as badly as I want the NBA back in Washington state. Why would it be cool to steal a team from another city, the same way ours was stolen by those turds from Oklahoma City (quick link that makes me happy… visit this link ). I’m sure we’ll get a team back eventually due to the economic boon it would provide the NBA and their TV revenue, so there’s that. The main reason for including this article is… Shawn Kemp is awesome and David Stern is not.

Okay, thanks for humoring me with this. Have a great weekend.

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