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A Server Turned Sales is Thankful for You

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A Server Turned Sales is Thankful for You


*Originally written by Ashley Stevens who quit

In the time that I have been apart of the Iron Horse cousin-hood, I have met people that have left impressions on my heart for life. Starting out as a server at [ the pub ] I was forced to listen to other people’s stories, problems and dreams… This wasn’t what I signed up for as a college student just looking to make extra money on the side but the job soon became something I looked forward to every week. Average customers became “my regulars” which turned into friendships which then led to being part of what I considered my family. Most days, especially Thursdays, I was greeted with big hugs, stories that would make you rethink humanity, doggy cuddles, advice on life, help with my homework and the best snacks to last me the rest of my shift. I served beers and listened to conversations between people I really cared about and offered advice I know they would take. I learned very quickly it wasn’t only about pouring a beer correctly or giving speedy service but listening to my customers. Some came into [ the pub ] needing an ear to talk to and others just needed a good laugh. After a while I realized I needed them as much as they needed me.

Leaving [ the pub ] to move into a sales position was very tough, I had grown comfortable with my role at [ the pub ] but I jumped at the opportunity to spread the love of Iron Horse beer to the masses. I had little experience in sales and at times felt like I had no idea what I was doing; instead of locking myself in my car and avoiding all human contact, I thought back to the days at [ the pub ] with my people. They (you) gave me the confidence to step into an unknown place and create friendly business relationships. Over the last year (plus some months) I have made more friends than I could ever invite to my nonexistent wedding. I truly believe listening is one of the best qualities a person could possess. I’ve met old war veterans, bodybuilders, experts automobile restorers, musicians… too many people to count. All of the people I’ve met had a story and all of them were overjoyed to share these stories while sipping on a cold beer.

The moments I have experienced while being part of this indie-beer team are ones I wouldn’t trade for the world. I went to college to get my degree and applied for a part time job along the way. Like all graduates, the goal was to achieve “success” in life…Many years later my “part time job” has evolved and I’m still with the same company I got hired at when I was a junior in college. I still love every second of what I do. To me this is success, and I owe it all to my people that came into [ the pub ] to see my face and listen to my terrible singing voice. Cheers to you.

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