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Adios River. Hello New Person.

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Adios River. Hello New Person.


*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit

It’s the end of an era. Our man Daniel ‘River’ Rios has decided to hang up his trivia microphone and pass the torch to someone a little less handsome and a little more excited by the idea of finding interesting and relevant pieces of trivia. We will mourn this loss. Except we will still see Daniel everyday. So really, we won’t mourn. But you all will. Hopefully you catch one more glance at those bambi-like eyelashes before it’s too late.

So here we are sounding the call for the new, sort of improved, local trivia host. If you or someone you know is marginally cool, loud, clever, blunt, smart, interesting, hard working, has a sense of irreverence, really likes this list, enjoys large crowds, doesn’t mind that this list hasn’t ended yet, and knows how to make an entrance, well, neat. If you are all of these things AND have an interest in hosting the most above average weekly trivia night in all of Washington, come show us that you are better than us on January 14th, 6pm, at [the pub] in Ellensburg. Yes, we are making you audition so be prepared. Auditions will be 10 minutes in length and each host must lead trivia for that period of time. easy.

Here is what you do:

1. Let us know you are interested  and want to sign up for the audition by emailing to reserve one of the 10 minute time slots.

2.Prepare 5-7.5 questions to test the audience’s knowledge. These questions can be in regular question and answer format (Q: How much time does Greg spend on his hair each morning? A: 37.38 minutes),  true or false, or multiple choice. Topics should include general trivia, popular culture, beer, and current events.

3. Be ready to answers some questions from our judges

4. and prepare to demonstrate your most amazing talent.

That’s right, there is a talent portion. This is serious

There will be a secret panel of judges to assess your abilities and skills in order to become the next Daniel Seacrest Out’ Rios.

The New Host’s responsibilities and requirements  will include:

Committing to around 10 hours of work per week as the the IHB Trivia Host. This includes preparation, promotion, and hosting. Trivia is every Wednesday and the Trivia Host prepares all trivia material each week. On trivia days, you must deliver to [the pub] one hint for each round of trivia to be given to all trivia players who show up early and purchases a pint of Iron Horse beer between 6:08 and 7:00 pm. You will be there as well to guard the hints and, probably, drink a beer. Lucky. Following the fifty-two minutes of blissful beer drinking and hint sequestering, you shall relocate to the trivia-venue-of-the-week (location varies throughout Ellensburg). Here, you will be required to set-up, collect team names and money, do an interpretive dance, and proceed with trivia-ness. Also, we will train you on protocol, categories, and stuff. All trivia hosts must have the ability  to mix audio to be used weekly during Trivia.

Email if you have questions or want to audition.

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