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Adult Easter Games

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Adult Easter Games


*Originally written by Emily Palmer who quit

Growing up my Easter traditions were fairly similar to anyone else’s. Spending time with family, dying hard-boiled eggs, lots of candy, and the wondrous Easter Egg Hunt. As I get older it gets harder and harder to be able to make it home every year for Easter.  This has left me wondering, what do I do for Easter? I am in my mid-twenties and with no children, as are most of my friends, and what I have realized is it’s time we make our own Easter traditions – geared to our current lifestyle and circumstances–circumstances generally meaning limited cash for almost everything except necessities and….beer.   

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of Easter drinking games that your friends, neighbors and favorite bartender can play together this Easter.

Beer Easter Egg Hunt:

I found two ways to make this happen but I thought a combination of the two sounded the most fun. It’s your traditional Easter egg hunt concept but with the ultimate prize- BEER. Before your guests arrive type up a list of drinking game commands, i.e. “take three drinks” or “make someone take three drinks”- feel free to get as creative as possible. Have each guest coming bring a 6 pack of beer, the more diverse options the better! Tape the different drinking game commands to the beers that are brought and proceed to hide them around your yard or wherever the hunt will take place.

Now, I’m a pretty competitive person, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve pushed family members out of the way to get to an egg first. For those friends of yours that don’t have the innate need to win at all costs, you can make the stakes a little higher. Bring in a prize…for instance a bottle of Irish Death, for the person who finds the most hidden beers. You can also bring in a loser’s prize for the person with the least amount, be as mean as you want- no judgment here.

At the end of the hunt your guests will all end up with a wide variety of beers to try as well as all different drinking commands on the beers they picked up.

Easter Darts-

This is basically just beer darts, but it is in your yard and on Easter…so Easter Darts it is.  You and a partner stand across from each other with two beers on the ground placed inside a circular target area. Teammates on one side throw (3) darts each to try and either pierce one of the two beers or stick the dart within the circular area- extra points for hitting the opponent’s toes (kidding, I don’t want to condone violence but what is a competitive game without a little bloodshed?). Now, there are multiple ways to keep score, to keep it simple there are 3 points for piercing the beer can with the added bonus of the opponent having to shotgun the beer and one point for landing within the circular area. Play until 21 and the winning team must win by 2 points.

If you want to get in the Easter spirit and add a level of play, add two painted Easter eggs within the circular area. If YOU hit one of the eggs YOU chug your beer.

Fuzzy Duck-

This is a game I just learned about but it sounds like it has a lot of potential to become really confusing and inappropriate really fast so, I’m a fan. Stand in a circle and with alternating players going counter-clockwise say the phrases “Fuzzy Duck” and “Ducky Fuzz” a player can opt out of saying either of those phrases by saying “Does he?” this will cause the game to continue in the opposite direction until someone messes up.


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