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Adventures in Brewfesting

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Adventures in Brewfesting


*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit

Today I’m going to tell you about me. 1. because its one of my favorite subject and 2. because we foster narcissism here at IHB.  Maybe that’s not true and maybe those are both the same reason and maybe, maybe, it’s my parent’s fault. I don’t know.  I’m confused.

Brewfests. Right. I want to tell you about my adventures in brewfesting because whether I’m attending or working them, they are my 4th favorite thing. It goes: me, buffet, mashed potatoes, and then brewfests. Buffet is sometimes first but I imagine that’s a struggle everyone goes through. I love you Buffet. You are my favorite food [don’t tell nachos].

Brewfests are my 4th favorite thing because they are awesome. Here now is a list of  6 and 3/4 things which make brewfests the best. according to me. which matters most.

1. someone is always dancing by themselves. and its amazing. and there is a 74% chance they are wearing socks and sandals.

2.Once I met someone names Stryker at a brewfest. enough said.

3. hugs are attempted more times than they are successfully executed. I get it. Sometimes tasting an amazing beer makes you want to hold onto someone real tight, but strangers dont always want your grimy paws around them. Just stick to the high five.

4. Someone gets cheered on by the entire crowd and that is neat. It is most likely because they broke their glass and it shattered and that sucks but I like to feel like i’m part of a group so I cheer too. and I like it. I’m a sheep, so what.

5. someone is still dancing alone. but now its me and my moves can best be described as a cross between fairy twinkle toes and Kung Fu.

5 3/4.  Beer

6. more beer.

The Eastern Washington Brewfest in at [the pub] in Ellensburg is on May 16th. you should come so that I don’t have to dance alone. but i will  challenge you to a dance off because, again, narcissist.

Tickets are here:


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