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An Apology For Humans

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An Apology For Humans


I want to apologize. Not for something I have ever done, but for something that I have seen the evidence of and quite literally can’t imagine what kind of depraved, selfish, thoughtless scumbag would ever do.

Throwing garbage into pit toilets and Port-a-potties.

Here are the only people who could maybe be let off the hook, the illiterate. In both of these formats there are signs that read ‘please don’t throw trash into the toilet, it is very difficult to remove.’ Which for the most part, I always thought, good enough reason to not throw garbage into the toilet.

Then, after seeing a good deal of garbage in these toilets, and now outing myself as someone who can’t stop the urge to look down the hole and will likely be the guy who will smell something gross because someone goes ‘oh my god this is so disgusting, you should smell it,’ I realized it is time to take the thinking one step further.

When it says, it is difficult to remove, do you know what that means? (I guess I am now talking to those that throw garbage down the hole). It means someone has to remove it.

When there is just excreta, the operator of the poop truck just sticks a suction tube down the hole and pumps out the human juice. When there is garbage, that same unfortunate person must first remove it. Gross.

To the poop truck operators that have to deal with that, I am sorry on behalf of the humans that cause the problem. I hope they read this and realize what a terrible thing they have done and stop. I also hope they realize that a world without pit toilets and port-a-potties is one in which every trailhead and festival is coated in human excrement. Take a minute to appreciate a world that isn’t smeared with feces and perhaps you will stop throwing garbage in the hole, it is beyond inconsiderate.


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