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Arnold Schwarzenegger Drinks Beer

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Drinks Beer


*Originally written by Tyler Hansen who quit

Workouts and beer pairings. Why? Because I love beer and I love lifting. And who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer after a hard workout? So here are my personal favorites to pair after lifting some heavy weight or sprinting down a mountain side.

After a heavy leg day?
Heavy lower body workouts that leave you wrecked and questioning your life decisions are typically best followed with one of Iron Horse’s stouts. My personal favorite after I have completely wrecked my legs to the point of having the legs of a newborn horse is Cozy-er Sweater. The rich flavor helps sooth my soul while I lay flat on the ground wondering if I will be able to get out of bed the next couple of days.

How about after chest day?
How much do you bench? Everyone has heard this question at least once in the gym and we have all given our answers without hesitating. However they are usually followed by some snarky comment by a guy who knows a guy whose cousin’s best friend can bench more than the world record…but strangely cannot actually name the guy. This doesn’t happen to me too often as I usually give off a “leave me alone” vibe when I am lifting, but after I am done getting swole I like to follow it up with a cold bottle of our signature Quilter’s Irish Death. The deep flavor combined with a smooth taste helps calm my nerves after I finish destroying my upper body.

Run, run, run as fast as you can…
No, I am not running from a bear when I’m on the trails. My next recommendation is probably not surprising, except please know it’s a fact that you don’t need, and shouldn’t even consider, dropping an orange slice in our signature High Five Hefe. I much prefer the softer flavor of this beer after running up and down a mountain for hours on end; mainly because I love the taste but also because it’s the least likely to come back to haunt me after I finish it.

Who truly enjoys swimming in a lap pool?
Personally I am not a fan of being in a pool, but being at the lake is typically where you will find me during the summer. Finger Gun is the beer of choice here; it’s perfect for those times when you want to drink several beers with friends without the risk of passing out in the sun and having embarrassing things written on you in sunscreen. The low ABV on this one makes it a lot easier to drink it throughout the day in the hot sun.

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