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Batch #5809

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Batch #5809


A Braggot

Another new pilot batch will be hitting [ the pub ] so ask about it next time you stop by and then give us some feedback on UNTAPPD or with one of the forms at [ the pub ].

Tasting notes from WES

Appearance: Light amber, low to moderate clarity, very little white head with low retention

Aroma: Orange, peach, light caramel, brandied cherries, light vanilla, moderate alcohol presence, red apple skin, medium-low intensity

Palate: Orange, vanilla, light oak, hint of cinnamon, caramel, light floral now, low+ sweetness, extremely low bitterness, Medium- intensity

Mouthfeel: Light-bodied, light glycerol-feel from alcohol presence (smooth/silky), very low carbonation

Finish: Hint of lightly flamed orange peel and caramel, light oak flavor lingers, medium length, medium to low intensity

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