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Beer Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

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Beer Gifts For Everyone In Your Life


Beer Gifts For Anyone Who Likes Beer

You like beer. We know beer. Let us help you find the best beer gift for the special people in your life. Whether you’re shopping to celebrate a birthday, a promotion or the fact that your brother finally beat that one level of the video game he’s been stuck on for months we can help. Here’s a list of the best beer gifts for family members and really anyone who likes beer.



A growler is a great beer gift for dad.

Give dad what he needs — a little bit of freedom to dream about what could be. This insulated stainless steel growler has 64 ounces of pure beer filling potential so dad can dream about all the different beers it could hold and then make it a reality. Cold beer stays cold, hot soup stays hot (who puts soup in a growler!?) and his tasty beverage stays carbonated. The cap stays tight because we don’t like wasting our beer on spills. The gunmetal color is the perfect compliment to the tools hanging in dad’s shed.

Growlers are good beer gifts.

Beer crafts are a great gift for mom.

Let’s be honest, she will love anything you get her because it came from you, her pride and joy. What she will love even more is something handmade. We recommend putting a little bit of your time into her gift by making her some coasters with her favorite beer stickers. Instructions here. Beer stickers here.

Coasters are good beer gifts

Not the crafty type? Then grab a set of these insulated pint cups to show the world how great her taste is. They’ll keep mom’s hands warm and her beer cold while she sips on 18 oz of whatever cold brew she’s into.

Pints are good beer gifts.


A hat is a great beer gift for your brother.

He’s probably not one to go out of his way to purchase clothing or get a haircut regularly. Help him give that mop top of his a break from waving in the wind. The mid-profile foam front and mesh back is guaranteed to provide all day comfort. Just like Life Behind Bars this hat is light and easy on the senses. Best paired with the Life Behind Bars beer or this shirt. Ride or Die.

Hats are good beer gifts.


A knit beanie is a great beer gift for grandma.

Be ready to get your cheeks pinched because grandma is going to love this gift so much she’ll be telling all your siblings that you’re her favorite grandchild. She’ll see a cute hat that she will assume you knitted. You are not obligated to correct that assumption. Help her protect her dome with this cozy custom knit beanie topped with a pom for a little extra flair. She’ll be the coolest grandma on the block.

Beanies are good beer gifts


Beer socks are a great gift for your sister.

If you’ve got a sister then chances are that she loves clothes. Grab her some Send It socks to help her make a fashion statement. These socks will look great when paired with her favorite skort. She’ll love them even more when her friends ask where she got those awesome socks, but she probably won’t tell them.

Socks are good beer gifts.


A brewery sweatshirt is a great beer gift for your grandpa.

This pullover Irish Death sweatshirt is the perfect accessory for your grandpa’s stories about the good ‘ol days. It will warm his insides while showing his exquisite taste in beer. Take pride in the warm fuzzy feeling he’ll get as his friends, loved-ones and enemies demand to know where he procured this fine garment.

Sweatshirts are good beer gifts.



Beer gift cards are a great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

They probably like beer as much as you do. If not, you might want to rethink your relationship or at least discuss putting in writing how many days you’re allowed to drink at [ the pub ]. Just to protect yourself of course. A gift card to your favorite brewery or bar that carries your favorite beer is a good way to go. Plus, if they have a gift card they are likely to take you with them, so really it’s like you’re gifting yourself a beer.

gift cards are great beer gifts for boyfriends


Another beer gift for your significant other

A growler is also a good beer gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

After redeeming a gift card at the brewery it’s likely your partner will tire at some point and want to take the party home. Give them a growler so they can take some beer to go and you can cuddle up on the couch for some Netflix and chill time. No seriously, beer goes great with reruns of The Office.

a growler is a great gift for your boyfriend


Everyone Else

Pint glasses are great beer gifts for everyone because they can be used to guzzle beer and water between beers.

You probably have some family members that you don’t talk to but once a year. Or maybe you have a neighbor who saved the day during your last baking catastrophe by spotting you a few eggs. We all have those people who aren’t really in our lives that much but are still worth recognizing.

Here’s an affordable beer gift that you can give to your second cousin once removed, your son’s basketball coach or your garbage truck operator. Pick up a pint glass from your favorite brewery and pick up a can of beer from the same brewery. Put the unopened can in the pint glass and top with a bow. It’s an easy beer gift that shows you care.

Pint glasses are good beer gifts.


Literally Everyone

We are not joking. Everyone could use another bottle opener.

A bottle opener is a gift that can work for anyone because you never want someone to have to be without the means to open up a bottle of beer. That’s just wrong. This bad boy makes opening any bottle a breeze even if you have tiny t-rex hands.

Bottle openers are good beer gifts.


Are there other beer gifts you think we should include on this list? Or beer gifts you want us to produce?

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