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Beer of the Millennial

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Beer of the Millennial


*Originally written by Drew Grannemann

Although the days of shot-gunning light beer are only a few years ago for me (or this past weekend, since shot-gunning is acceptable during football season), those days are quickly fading away in the millennials’ rear-view mirrors. As millennials leave school and enter the workforce, our pockets deepen, our tastes change, and we become open to try new and unique experiences. With this new financial freedom, and drive to prove they belong in the adult world, millennials are becoming a force to be reckoned within the craft beer scene.

Millennial in their natural habitat.

millennial in natural habitat.

With over 4,000 craft breweries in the United States, there are endless possibilities to try something new and exciting. More and more it seems millennials or opting out of the cold-domestic-and-wings-happy-hour combo, and instead venturing towards local brew pubs to drink and eat. This new trend is very evident all over social media. Pictures of pitchers of yellow beer have been replaced with pictures of pints of craft beer littered with hashtags. With a mild-addiction to social media comes a great power; millennials have the instant ability to praise or criticize any beer they try or bar they visit to all 176 of their followers.  

Millennials have the advantage of having no preset opinions, they may have a go-to domestic beer, but when it comes to craft beer they are willing to try anything. I mean anything. It could be anything from a Gruit to an oyster stout, or even a dark smooth ale that has made sweet, sweet love with a bunch of espresso and cocoa beans. They are eager to give it the ole college try. They could just want to post a picture of how adventurous they are on Instagram, or they could just be a student of life and trying to expand their knowledge. Either way, millennials aren’t afraid to break away from the norm.

Craft beer is the epitome of life as a millennial. All round them are countless possibilities. Everyday brings something new. It is up to us to weed out the bad ones in order to find the perfect one. Then sit back, crack it open, and enjoy….but not ’til 10 a.m., cause we’re still sleeping.


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