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Beer Release: Gary IPA

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Beer Release: Gary IPA


Who doesn’t love a Family Reunion?  Perhaps you have a family like mine,  awkwardly stacked into Great Aunt Petunia’s parlor,  smells of roasted ham, wind song perfume, and moist earth from the muddy boots stacked by the door.  The kitchen bustling with activity as Magpie the ancient black lab salivates with excitement as your cousin lunges towards the counter filled with every imaginable flavor of Jello Salad.   Old Uncle Bart, beer in hand, coveting the recliner chair and blasting the T.V.  has forgot to turn his hearing aids on so everyone shouts at each other in the most loving way, and laughter shakes the whole house.  After the traditional meet and greet, activity simmers down and the T.V. turned to a dull hum while Uncle Bart enjoys a deep sleep.   Card games start, the young folk trot off to terrorize Petunia’s cats in the vegetable garden and dig for treasure while a few of us gather in the kitchen enjoying a beer and each others company.

Everyone has that one family member they gravitate to during these events.  Gary Parker is the best thing about a family reunion.  Everyone has a Gary in their life.  Gary is the guy who can spin a true story into something truly out-of-this-world.  He blows your mind with the way he can make you laugh, think, and learn from his strange and mind boggling adventures.  Gary can dispense the fatherly-est wisdom on the same breath as a joke that would make even a sailor blush.  He brings flowers to the ladies of the family and fireworks for the kids.  Gary makes everyone’s day just a little bit fuller.  Gary Parker, Iron Horse Brewery’s patriarch is like Bill Brasky, the man who sold a ladder to Paul Bunyan.  Gary Parker is like the Majestic Jakelope, everyone has a story with him in it, he will be there for just a moment too short, then with a flash he is off into the wind onto his next adventure, perhaps on a snowmobile.

Because Gary is so gosh darn awesome, we are bringing back the Imperial IPA that was named for him!  For a limited time, in only the 22oz bottle, you will find Gary near you, ready to help you start your next story, entertain your senses and advise you with great wisdom on your way to greatness.

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