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Beers With Movie Characters

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Beers With Movie Characters


Which movie character would you have a beer with and why?

Beer is great. Movies are great. The only thing that would be better is if we could have a beer at [ the pub ] with our favorite movie characters. We asked our cousins who they would choose to enjoy a cold pint of beer with.

Do you agree with our list? Which movie character would you want to crack open an Irish Death with?

Bo “Bandit” Darville

This request was a tough one, so many great characters out there that span so many different backgrounds. But…for the sake of a Beer Blog, the character that I would most like to have a beer with would be Bo “Bandit” Darville (Smokey and The Bandit). Let’s be honest, how could you not want to have a beer with a character that is tasked with bootlegging 400 cases of Coors from Texarkana to Atlanta in 28 hours? Bo Darville best described as a unpolished good ol’boy, retired trucker with a rebel edge, always looking to challenge the system. The stories of the road would be endless, full of adventure and great humor. With the help of the Bandit’s friend Cletus “Snowman” Snow, I can see these two spearheading the Quilter’s Irish Death expansion across our great country. So yes, beers with the Bandit would be my choice.
Dane Williams, Chief Revenue Officer

Regina George

I’d have a beer with Regina George because she obviously parties. She’s a horrible person, but extremely funny in her horribleness. I think she’d be really entertaining.
Ross Chalstrom, VP of Sales

Ace Ventura

If I could share a beer with a movie character it would be Ace Ventura.
He would probably drink the beer with his butt or something else just as funny.
Morgan Moran, Packaging Manager

Leigh Anne Tuohy

Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. Leigh Anne is the epitome of a “bossy” woman, but in reality, she’s a straight up badass instilled with confidence and knowledge. She knows what she wants, keeps her family’s best interest in all aspects of life, and has a heart of gold. Cheers to Sandra Bullock and Leigh Anne Tuohy!
Aimee Bach, Pub Marketing Coordinator

Ron Burgundy

With the new release of the podcast of ‘Anchor Man’ I think I’d most like to have beer with Ron Burgundy. I feel like I could really bullshit and have a good time with him.
Crystal Hall, Market Manager

Peter Quill

Peter Quill aka Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. He seems like he always has a good time and would have quite a few hilarious stories.
Jake Fleming, Brewhouse Manager

Andy Dufresne

I’d like to have a beer with Andy Dufresne (although I think he mentions a one point he gave up drinking?). It’d be great to chat about tax law, accounting standards, and all those nerdy things we both enjoy. Also, I’d love to hear about his charter fishing business down in Zihuatanejo.
Paul Copenhaver, Controller

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