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Beers With TV Characters

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Beers With TV Characters


Which TV character would you have a beer with and why?

Beer is great. TV shows are also great. The only thing that would be better is if we could have a beer at [ the pub ] with our favorite TV characters. We asked our cousins who they would choose to enjoy a cold pint of beer with. 

Do you agree with our list? Which TV character would you want to crack open an Irish Death with? 

Rachel Green

RACHEL GREEN, from the tv show, “Friends”. Rachel seems like the best friend every girl wants to have. She’s witty, down-to-earth, and a great conversationalist. With her fabulous sense of fashion, she can dress up and go for a night out or stay at home watching a movie, drink a beer and order in a pizza… which speaks to me on a way deeper level than it should. 
Aimee Bach, Former Events Coordinator Who Quit Us

Scooby Doo

If I could have a beer with a television character it would have to be Scooby Doo. Why? I love my dog and have always been a fan of the show. Plus he is a talking dog. And we would probably be eating mad scooby snacks so that would be cool.
Morgan Moran, Packaging Manager

Sophia Petrillo

I’d have a beer with Sophia from The Golden Girls. Sophia is mean in a funny way. She always has to have the last word and I could listen to her snarky one liners all day!
Brittany Echeverria, Line Cook

Jim Halpert

I would say Jim Halpert because I love him and he would probably buy my beer because he just seems like that type of guy. I also want to see him do the smirking face.
Taylor Castillo, Server

Ilana Wexler

I could write an entire blog full of TV characters I would have a beer with. For instance, the gang from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ is horrible, but I want to experience the horribleness in person and maybe try some Fight Milk. Having a beer with Fox Mulder to discuss conspiracy theories and whether or not they were actually conspiracies would be quite the conversation. 

But of course when it comes down to it, the person I really want to share a beer with is Ilana Wexler. She would listen to me when I was having a rough day, but she knows how to liven a mood too. She’d definitely help me come up with great ideas to sell more beer too because have you seen her entrepreneurial spirit and her phone wigs? How could you not enjoy having a beer with the YAS QUEEN?! I mean, now that Abbi has moved away, maybe I just need to move to NYC and have a beer with Ilana, and we’ll be new best friends forever.
Nicole Klauss, content coordinator

Who would you have a beer with?

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