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Best Friend Goals

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Best Friend Goals


*Originally written by Holly Kolb who quit

One of my most reliable friends is Irish Death. With Irish Death there’s no judgment, no drama and we don’t have to say a lot to enjoy each other’s company. The other day we enjoyed some time at the park, it was lovely.

 img_2967One thing I love is that even when Irish Death is busy with friends, it still makes time for me.

img_2968We met up at [ the pub ], one of our favorite places to hangout.

img_2969Of course I drove. Irish Death never drives because let’s be honest, Irish Death and cars just don’t mix.

img_2970It was such a nice day, Irish Death asked me to take a couple pictures for Instagram. It may be corny but we love doing cute shit like this together.

img_2971img_2972We played a little bit of soccer but Irish Death has never been really into playing sports and is content just being a fan.

img_2974After soccer we were pooped, especially Irish Death who needed a nap in the sun to recover.

img_2975Eventually the heat was a little too much so we both added some layers to avoid the sun’s harsh rays. That’s one thing I really admire about Irish Death, it’s ability to be fashionable yet functional all at once. I was totally jealous of this hat

img_2976As the sun started to set it did get a little cooler and it was fun snuggling in a blanket just talking about life together.

img_2977I can’t thank Irish Death enough for being one of my best pals. Can’t wait for our next hangout.





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