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Big Game Beer Dip

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Big Game Beer Dip


Hey All!

Here is the written version of my super secret, super difficult, super foodie dip recipes. You’re welcome.


Beer/Cheese/Chili dip

1 brick of “Cheese Product” (the closer related to plastic, the better!)
1 can of chili
2 cans of Double Rainbow India Red Ale Red IPA Hoppy Red Beer (24oz of 509 ale would also be fabulous, for a less intense flavor)
1 crock pot

Cut the cheese. Blame it on the dog. Then, slice the brick of cheese product into ½ inch cubes, toss into crock pot. If the cheese becomes difficult and sticks to your knife, run it under hot water, and slice some more.

Open can of chili. Dump contents into crock pot. Open 1 can of Double Rainbow. Consume. Or, consume 12 oz of 509.

Heat contents on high for 30 minutes, or until melted, stirring every 10ish minutes. Basically, don’t let it burn.

Once the mixture has melted and mixed well, pour in the other can of Double Rainbow. Stir well, continue to let the mixture warm. Once the dip has reached it’s ideal consistency, switch the pot to warm, and eat eat eat.


Rikki’s “dip”

1 regular can of vegetarian refried beans
2 large avocados
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
½ packet of taco seasoning
1 pint of sour cream
cheddar cheese, that you shred (enough for a layer, you decide how much)
1 small tomato
a few green onions (garnish)
Fritos scoops (the only chip strong enough to work)
1 pie plate

Layer 1 – Empty can of refried beans on to the pie plate. Spread the beans evenly across the bottom of the plate. Make many references to the fire scene in Blazing Saddles.
Layer 2 – Safely peel and pit avocados into a separate bowl. Mush avocado with lemon juice. Small chunks are awesome, keep the consistency to a slightly chunky guacamole. Spread the mixture on top of the refried beans in the pie plate.
Layer 3 – Mix the pint of sour cream with the ½ packet of taco seasoning. Spread the mixture on top of the guacamole layer on the plate.
Layer 4 – Shred the cheddar cheese. Spread on top. The layer can be as thick or thin as you prefer. I’m a fan of cheese, so I load that sucker up until you can’t even see the sour cream mixture.
Layer 5 – Dice tomato and green onion, spread on top of cheese.

Then, using your strong chip, scoop in and enjoy. Pairing options include 509, Double Rainbow, IPA, Skittles, Steven Hauschka’s foot odor, and everything in the Iron Horse book. Or Rainier. Don’t tell Greg.


Rikki’s brother Dave’s “dip”. Same idea, different process, more spice.

The brother to the other dip, if you will. Both based on our mother’s dip. The Welz family loves their dips. Dip Dip Dip
Layer 1- Pre made cheesy bean dip, mixed with taco bell brand taco sauce
Layer 2- Pre made guacamole
Layer 3- Same as Rikki’s layer 3
Layer 4- Pre shredded cheese (blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses)
Layer 5- Same as Rikki’s layer 5


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