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Books on Tape; An exploration of driving.

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Books on Tape; An exploration of driving.


*Originally written by Regan Rinker who quit us

Since covering 8 or so markets includes a lot of driving, I quickly grew tired of my Jay z and Bon Iver albums and started going crazy with boredom in the car. After discovering that I hate the way the Blue Tooth Thingy feels in my ear, I resorted to talking on my speakerphone while screaming and straining my ear, trying to hear the voice of the person on the other side. When I decided to give up on that, I discovered there are 5 things about drivers that “drive me crazy” pun intended here folks, and that Taco Bell can make driving more fun when books on tape don’t work.

So, here’s my observation.

1. Those who pass people people in the fast lane only to resort to slowing down roughly 15 MPH after passing you, forcing you to again pass them… resulting in a lame game of cat and mouse, me, the responsible driver maintaining speed, and the man in the van, accelerating and decelerating at mind blowing rates.

2. Those who hang in the fast lane going the exact speed limit or way under. This recently happened on my way back from my Portland race. There was a woman with large hair in front of me going neck to neck with a semi for over 15 minutes. Cars were zooming around me only to realize that they were blocked in either direction. After waiting patiently for 5 minutes, I began honking, loudly. She had no idea and passed the semi about 10 minutes later and smiled and waved at me as I passed. I smiled back, as myself and the other 30 cars that were held up passed her. It scared me to realize that there are so many drivers like this. Shoot, who is calling me, I thought, as I rushed to get away from her so I wouldn’t be blocked again.

3. Those who cruise down the freeway for miles with their turn signal on. Really, where are ya turning buddy? Because there isn’t any room in my lane…. Not only does it scare me, but it hurts my soul that this person has no idea that their turn signal is blinking for days!!!!

Numbers 4 and 5 are extensions of numbers 1 through 3 so I won’t share them and bore you, but now you may have noticed that the driving world out there is a scary place, if you haven’t already. After putting an average of 3,000 miles on my car a month, I am lucky to be alive. Being cut off and nearly driven off the road by large semis is on the list.

After realizing I needed a break from the normalcy of driving, it’s dangerous pending perils, and the boring doom of my regular I-pod music, I stopped into the Library before a sales trip to check out some DVD books on tape. After I was thoroughly satisfied with some titles, I skipped to my car, fully prepared to cruise entertained to Spokane this time. After putting the first disk in, I quickly discovered that my 6 disk custom Honda C.D.player didn’t work, and I settled at stopping at Taco Bell instead.

So what’s the lesson here?

It’s simple really. Taco Bell, while horrible for you in almost every way possible, makes driving tolerable, especially if you get a double stuffed chalupa, supreme style.

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