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Brooke Kvinsland

Wall Mount Bottle Opener How-To

Cost: $4.25 (each) Time: 30 mins or an hour if you paint on the wood. You may want to add additional dry time. Difficulty: SUPER easy. Tools Needed: Drill, screwdriver Materials: 1 foot pine wood pieces (one for each wall mount you want to make), stain, brushes, sand paper, paper towel, bottle openers (best deal… Read more »


Foodie Holidays

*Originally written by Kevin Camarillo Christmas gifts for the foodie you love as recommended by Cheffery. Books: Thug Kitchen Prison Ramen Movies: Chef Jiro Dreams of Sushi El Bulli Tortilla Soup

Jared Vallejo

Gaming the System because Jared is Sloppy

I love collegers. I really do. They are generally enthusiastic, resourceful, and dedicated to living for ideals, rather than the sometimes cruel reality that life tends to hand you. But I made a mistake confusing resourcefulness with exploitive opportunism. In June of 2014, (2.5 years ago) we decided to run a print advertisement in CWU’s… Read more »

Brooke Kvinsland

Growler Tote How-To

I will be trying different crafts I find on Pinterest and seeing if there are as easy as they say. All crafts will relate to beer in some way and hopefully you can learn from my success and failures. This one in particular is inspired by this. Cost: $30.00 Time: 5 hours, this includes glue… Read more »


I Won’t Drink Beer but I’ll Sure as Hell Smell It

*Originally written by McKenzie Knowlden who quit Though dieting soccer moms and hipsters alike have made the fear of gluten a trend, for some of us, the fear is very real. [Boring science stuff you can probably skip over: Gluten is a protein found in grain based products- wheat, barley, and rye. Those with Celiac… Read more »

Greg Parker

The String Cheese Bandit

String cheese is a bit of a problem at Iron Horse. It wasn’t too long ago that Nicole, who handles events for us, had a string cheese go missing from the break room. I can’t say that I know exactly how she discovered who was responsible, but suffice it to say, she did her due… Read more »

Aimee Bach

Put Your Phone Down

Let me first say this… I’m 21, almost 22 years old. Yes, I know what a landline is. And yes, I remember dial up internet.  LOL, and yes you are so funny for assuming I’ll never understand the struggles you went through. I hear so many stories that begin with, “Well back in my day…”… Read more »


Secret Menu Item

*Originally written by Kevin Camarillo Watch for the secret password to access the secret item on the secret menu. Available the entire month of August.


A Server Turned Sales is Thankful for You

*Originally written by Ashley Stevens who quit In the time that I have been apart of the Iron Horse cousin-hood, I have met people that have left impressions on my heart for life. Starting out as a server at [ the pub ] I was forced to listen to other people’s stories, problems and dreams…… Read more »

Aimee Bach

Barista to Beerista

It was a normal morning at the IHB Coffee Stand (please take a moment of silence to remember the beloved stand). I arrived to work at around 5:30 a.m. in the middle of winter after an night’s snow dump. It was my job to open up the coffee stand and part of that routine was… Read more »

holly kolb

The ins and outs of any customer/server friendship

How to get under your server’s skin: Snapping for our attention As adorable as dogs are, I’m not one. Just wait a minute, I promise that all of us as servers are anticipating your needs. Putting your mug on its side when you need another Mugs are hard, we can’t see in them when you… Read more »

Aimee Bach

Love Mug Club

The greatest feature of [ the pub ] is not having televisions. This is our way of forcing awkward yet satisfying social situations between strangers. As a server, I observe many dynamics of people. My favorite interactions are the ones that lead to a freshly brewed relationship (pun intended). These relationships, whether romantic, friendly, or… Read more »


11 Brews for Summer

*Originally written by Karina Mohan who quit Memorial day is a day for us to celebrate those who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. So while you are honoring those who have died, go outside, crack open a beer and appreciate what they fought to protect….But don’t crack a beer in public because that’s illegal… Read more »


60 Seconds With…Episode I

You weren’t wondering what IHB fans are like but we’re going to show you anyway. Devin Miller really likes Iron Horse Brewery. We didn’t ask him why but we did as him if he prefers Star Wars or Star Trek.

Greg Parker

You won’t be getting the beer you want

Perhaps you don’t care about why not. Maybe you shouldn’t. However, I am going to attempt to convince you that you should. Iron Horse is running out of beer right now and it will be felt all over, but it will be felt in the worst way by our own pub. I won’t digress into… Read more »

Greg Parker

Failing the Iron Horse Way

“I’m a winner because I f*#%ing win” – Kenny Powers Following that logic; “We’re losers because we lost.” – Greg Parker. We lost. We failed. We swam out past the buoys, got over our tips, bit off more than we could chew. At what, you might ask? The coffee stand. We’ve sold it. We lost… Read more »

Dane Williams

AB-InBEV’s Positive Impact on the Craft Industry

You may be one of the many who believe there’s no way ABI could have any positive impact on the Craft Beer Industry. If you’re one of these folks you might be mistaken. ABI continues to develop its Global Management Trainee Program and put less value on seasoned employees. Veteran employees with countless years of… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Pre Pre Cyber Monday Sale that We Just Thought Of Right Now

What better way to celebrate the two Mondays before cyber Monday than with a random flash sale and discounted brewery merch? We can’t think of a better way. For the next three hours, you can get a $2.00 High Five Hefe trucker hat. It’s like a long, exposed flash sale. Why are we doing… Read more »


Want to work at IHB? Of course you do.

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit  Iron Horse Brewery and Coffee Co will be hiring for 7 positions in the near future. Positions are within the fields of retail, marketing, and production.  We are looking for motivated 21+ candidates that have a strong interest and desire to work within the craft field.There will be… Read more »


Iron Horse Coffee Company: It’s a thing

*Originally written by Alison Duff who quit Last November Greg called me into his office for a meeting with Suzanne. I usually hang out upstairs at my broken and over crowded table, so to be in the bosses office was a little intimidating. He revealed to us that, feeling nostalgic for his pre- brewery days,… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Cozy Community Fund Update

Hi Everybody! Rikki here, yet again, with all the exclamation points a person could need!! The super holiday season that runs from Oct 31st to Jan 3rd is finally at an end. The tinsel fueled melee in our home (sorry husband, I’ll never volunteer us for hosting again. Well, at least for the next two months…) has… Read more »

Rikki Welz

The Cozy Community Spectacular Extravaganza Gift-Times for All

Hey Y’all! Rikki here again!     Ellensburg is a super-rad-tastic town, as most of you already know. When someone needs a helping hand, we have proven time and again how teamwork can make a difference. In the past, Iron Horse Brewery has teamed up with other local businesses  with the intent of  making an impact… Read more »


412 Main Street: A New, Same Thing as Before.

*Originally written by Suzanne Vargas Since moving our production to a new location on Vantage Highway over a year ago the question has constantly been looming: what is to come of the tasting room and Micropub? Will we open a tasting room within the new production facility or should we consider different location? Should we… Read more »


Iron Horse Beer Has a Secret Menu

*Originally written by Ashley Stevens who quit Nine different styles of ales are produced out of our production facility; Irish Death, High Five Hefe, 509 style, Light Rail, Iron Horse IPA, Biere de Garde, Double Rainbow, Mocha Death and Cozy Sweater. The hardest decision for most customers is what beer should they drink when they… Read more »

Rikki Welz

It’s Craft Beer Craft Time, with Gobs of Pictures

Hey Everybody! It’s Craft Beer Craft Time! So as you may have noticed from my last blog, I enjoy making things. It’s fun to be able to present someone with a handmade tangled pile of fabric and thread. Today, I want to share an easy and fun way to class up the joint by making… Read more »

Ross Chalstrom

Mailing it In.

My wife and I had some personal tragedy in the family so I’m using it as my excuse as to why I didn’t have a long post for today. After reading over my last few entries, I think you can consider yourself lucky. For the 2.3 people that were visiting our site for something thought… Read more »


Ellensburg is Awesome

*Originally written by Suzanne Vargas This is a somewhat unlikely post from me considering I have been cursing the wind for the past few days. But today I woke up with some clarity, Ellensburg is f***ing awesome. Why you ask? Well, in my opinion it is really the people. A recent example comes to mind… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Crochet. It’s like beer, but not really, but sort of.

Hi, y’all! I’m Rikki. You may remember me from such incarnations as a bank teller, waitress, student, geriatric activities assistant, candy fiend, and muppet fanatic. Recently I joined the Iron Horse family, to begin yet another story in my journey through life. Also, I’m teaching myself to Crochet. Why should you care that I’m learning… Read more »


Foam Art

Sometimes it’s the little things that make working at the tasting room or micropub worthwhile. Beer foam that looks like Pac Man is simply one of those things.


Another Reason why Craft Beer Kicks Ass; Food.

*Originally written by Suzanne Vargas. The food pairings are endless!! Typically, people think of wine when talking about food pairings but what people don’t realize is that beer is a far superior when pairing with really any food. Thats right I said it- ANY food. I dare you to try to prove me wrong. There… Read more »

Suzanne Vargas

One Reason Craft Beer Kicks Ass

It has a story. We all love stories. One of my favorites to tell is about a time when my husband puked in some random persons chip bowl at a party, got thrown out, then puked all over my feet and his arms, then got up and fist pumped while yelling “I FEEL AMAZING!!!” Luckily,… Read more »


Customer is King

*Originally written by Suzanne Vargas /kiNG/ Noun A person or thing regarded as the finest or most important in its sphere or group. or from Urban Dictionary awesome, above the rest, the bomb. etc used when refering to something As our handbook states, “the customer is king. every employee of the brewery is expected to… Read more »