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Alex Grosby

Barrel O’ Bikes

On this episode, we sample Founders KBS, talk about proper bike riding etiquette, and whether or not, there’s too much nostalgia in Hollywood.


Sorry, You’re Not A Sport, Pumpkin

On this episode, we sample Lawson’s Finest Liquids Maple Nipple and a 2 year old Super Session #2, talk about pumpkin beers, hunting for sport vs hunting for life, and whether Marching Band is a sport.

Jared Vallejo

You Got Fragged

On this episode, we sample Night Shift Ever Weisse AND Logsdon Cerasus, we talk about Battlefield v. Call of Duty, all-time video game experiences, and the best of Thanksgiving.

Ross Chalstrom

Pant Crapping Story

I have nothing.  Well I have other things, but I currently don’t have the ability to create any original content.  This is strange to me, mostly because I spent/wasted four years in undergrad majoring in English.  As you could imagine, a fair amount of creative writing is required to complete a BA in English, yet,… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Beer People, Dear Reader

Easter 2016 in the Welz household was a momentous occasion. My brother Dave and I had been able to convince our mom, Kelly, that her fried chicken should be the main dish, instead of the traditional ham (though she can make a mean ham gravy). We both had been dreaming about her chicken for a… Read more »

Adam Ransavage

Camping Tips From a Real Dirt Bag

I love what I do, but I love not doing what I do even more. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job (and I’m not saying that just cause my boss is going to skim over this).  Work can be crazy at times but it’s something I enjoy.  The people here are direct, authentic,… Read more »

Connie Morgan

11 Beerdogs who Define what it Means to be a Craft Drinker

Man’s best friend shows us what it means to be a craft beer lover. Rhonda R, Facebook 1)When you promised yourself you’d just have one but then someone asks you if you want to try theirs. @seattlecraftbeerdog 2)When one of your friends insists on instagramming everything but you just want to drink. @barleythebrewpup 3)When you… Read more »


Cozy Community Fund

*Originally written by Marissa Toussaint The holiday season calls for helping people in the community. Every year we facilitate the Cozy Community Fund. This fund benefits deserving families/individuals within Kittitas County. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to make a lasting impact on three families this year. Kittitas County has demonstrated time and again that… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Beer Release: Gary IPA

Who doesn’t love a Family Reunion?  Perhaps you have a family like mine,  awkwardly stacked into Great Aunt Petunia’s parlor,  smells of roasted ham, wind song perfume, and moist earth from the muddy boots stacked by the door.  The kitchen bustling with activity as Magpie the ancient black lab salivates with excitement as your cousin… Read more »

Greg Parker

Movie Screening-Where The Trail Ends April 15. @ [the pub] Let me summarize this for you. 1. Drink Beer 2. Watch a sweet ass mountain bike movie 3. Spend a little coin on raffle tickets, which could end up making you money if you end up winning some of the dopest swag available. (that may or may not have been an exaggeration) 4. Support… Read more »

Rikki Welz

It’s Craft Beer Craft Time, with Gobs of Pictures

Hey Everybody! It’s Craft Beer Craft Time! So as you may have noticed from my last blog, I enjoy making things. It’s fun to be able to present someone with a handmade tangled pile of fabric and thread. Today, I want to share an easy and fun way to class up the joint by making… Read more »