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Chrons of the Summer Stache Pt. Something

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Chrons of the Summer Stache Pt. Something


*Originally written by Peter Heinen

Hello again, Mustache Pete here and proudly reporting on the progress of the summer stache. Okay, proudly might be poorly worded but the stache is coming along. Once again I will state if I was a brunette then the stache would be way more impressive…. but if you get PRETTY close you can see what is a nice base for my “upper LIPholstery” and from a distance you can see a shadow on my lip… I’ll take it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, “beer” filled Fourth of July; I spent the day hiking in Leavenworth. If anyone is looking for a ridiculously gorgeous day hike in the Central Washington area I highly recommend hiking to 8-mile lake in the Wenatchee National Forrest. ATTENTION ALERT: Lazy bums there is some early vertical during the hike and it is labeled “difficult” on the trail guides online, but ….I have the upmost confidence in “beer lovers” that most conditioned humans could do this hike with no problem. Surprise surprise the “8-mile lake” hike finishes with a nice sloping terrain leading to…a lake. It is an alpine lake so lets just say the water is…not warm and I experienced this the hard way. I may or may not have thrown my GoPro very, very poorly and watched it clank off the rock face I was attempting to climb, splash into the water, and slowly trickle down towards the bottom of the lake. There was only one thing to do, tighten up my big boy pants, channel my inner Michael Phelps, and spread my wings because I wasn’t going home empty handed.

Long story short on about the fifth dive (45 minutes later) I snagged my GoPro off the sandy bottom of the lake and pushed up towards the surface screaming in excitement. My only regret is not pressing the record button before I made the ill advised throw. My GoPro is alive and well and with a couple quick jumping jacks and “high-fives” (Promotion plug: just a reminder to all beer lovers to post pictures to our #H5project Facebook page and of course don’t forget the #hashtag #H5project. Get outside be crazy… and post pictures!) my purple and pink hands returned to their pasty white color. All was well and this was easily the prettiest hike I have ever been on.


2014-07-17 16.34.19 Mustache Pete  <— (Brooklyn accent)

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