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The ability to communicate is incredible right?

Are you a wholesaler? A customer? Retailer? There are so many ways to contact us, it will make you crazy.

We broke this out by Sales, Other Things, and Even More Other Things.

Iron Horse Brewery Sales Contacts

ross Chalstrom

New Markets, Backup sales guy. When in doubt, reach out to  him. 

Jeremy Passmore

Puget Sound Area

Molly Glockner

National Chain Accounts

Kelli Braddy

Central Washington Area

kyle davidson

Spokane Area, North Idaho, Montana

Devin Miller

Kittitas County

Ross Chalstrom

Everywhere else not listed here.

Iron Horse Brewery Other Contacts

[ the tap room ] manager

Morgan Moran – all things tasting room

head Brewer

Jake Fleming – beer process q’s

Community Engagement

Christina Miller

General Concerns

Customer Service

HR Related

Jettrell Stetner

AR/AP Things

Greg Parker

Iron Horse Brewery GLOBAL Headquarters.