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Cool Things in Beer History

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Cool Things in Beer History


*Originally written by Paul Baker who quit

Hey everyone. I’m Paul, one of the brewers here. Once I was a historian, then I found out that A) Nobody wants  a Russian historian and B) Beer is awesome. So I’m going to combine them. There are a lot of things in the history that are beer related that are generally awesome in every way.

So I’ll keep these short but awesome. If you want to know more about anything beer and history related let us know and I’ll see what I can pull up.

I was going to talk about the origins of beer but this popped into my head so I’m going to talk about Andrew Jackson, our 7th President.

Andrew Jackson was elected as a war hero and as the president of the common man. Over 21,000 people went to his inauguration, even though nobody could hear the speech and it was freezing cold. These people nearly started a riot in an effort to be near him when Jackson got on his horse to go to the White House following being sworn in.

Jackson also had a talking pet parrot that had been taught to swear and during his funeral it began to swear so loudly and profusely they had to take it outside. Awesome pet. Anyway. Beer.

The inauguration party at the White House was open to the public with barrels of beer opened for everyone. That house party became so crazy that Jackson had to sneak out through a window. The party goers pretty much wrecked up the whole house, broke all the dishes and had to be lured out of the White House by the police who just put more beer out on the front lawn.

“Awesome party Mr. President, sorry about the mess. We’re still cool right.”


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Tyler Sharp
July 6, 2013 4:15 am

Beer history is best history.

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