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BriAnne Pauley

My Beer Journey

“Sampler Saturday” is a pretty common phrase among the Pub staff at Iron Horse. This is referring to the obnoxious amount of samplers (flights) that get ordered from the customers on Saturdays. Although I say obnoxious, I actually am quite proud of those who are brave enough to go with a sampler as their drink… Read more »

BriAnne Pauley

Top 5 Summer Activities That Go With Beer

With the nights becoming shorter and the temperature dropping, I thought it would be appropriate to write about my top five favorite summer activities (spoiler alert: all of which include beer). Summer seems to feel like the shortest season to me and I am the type to cherish every long hot day like I cherish… Read more »

BriAnne Pauley

Grad Student by Day, Beer Pourer by Night

Hello and welcome to the experience of reading one of my somewhat entertaining blog posts. I’m here to tell you all a little something about my personal life. Now, I understand that most of you don’t care but I’m going to tell you anyway because…well….talking about myself is probably on my top ten favorite things… Read more »

BriAnne Pauley

Shout out to the Homies

Here at the pub we get plenty of customers that come in for various reasons, number one being our fairly decent beer. As a server, I hate giving bad news to customers. I never want to be the bad guy. However, if you walk in here with your baby and try to sit down for… Read more »