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Cozy Community Fund Update

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Cozy Community Fund Update


Hi Everybody!

Rikki here, yet again, with all the exclamation points a person could need!!

The super holiday season that runs from Oct 31st to Jan 3rd is finally at an end. The tinsel fueled melee in our home (sorry husband, I’ll never volunteer us for hosting again. Well, at least for the next two months…) has reverted back to its usual, lovable, chaos. This crazy time of year for some can also be a hard time of year to get through, for others. How do we address that problem? With our Cozy Community Fund, of course!

This year, the brewery, along with our friends at Armtstrong’s Stove and Spa, Besel and Williams, Knudson Lumber , Yarn Folk , and with our wonderful customers, managed to bring attention to and help raise funds for two area families. These funds hopefully helped mitigate the crazy stress this time of year has to offer. Our Cozy Sweater Release party helped raised $549 of the nearly $2000 dispersed (more reasons to have more parties, right?!).  We paid utility bills, bought presents, filled gas tanks, helped to lessen the grocery bill, and hopefully, brought some light and fun into their homes. We are in a great community, and are lucky to have your support and friendship. Thank you also to the kind folks who nominated the families, without you, this wouldn’t have been able to happen. High Fives all around!

Now that you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, don’t forget we have area organizations that work year-round to bring the same services to those deserving, and could also use our help. Here’s a few quick links to keep the spirit going. Love you all!

Kittitas County Habitat For HumanityHope SourceFISH Food Bank Red Cross Spirit TRC

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