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Cozy Community Recap

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Cozy Community Recap


Many of you in Kittitas County have consumed Cozy Sweater beer this winter. (Many of you have consumed one too many a time or two.) And some of you got real festive and attended the Cozy Sweater vs. Mocha Death Party. Because of you and a handful of generous businesses in the community, Iron Horse Brewery was able to help five families through the Cozy Community Fund this winter.

cozy-community-stuffThe Cozy Community Fund benefits deserving families in Kittitas County. Our goal is to make a lasting impact on a handful of families every year. IHB donates money based on every case of Cozy Sweater sold in the county and we work with businesses to help fill specific needs for families who may not be feeling super cozy.

We asked the public to nominate deserving families or individuals in need within Kittitas County and we received nine nominations this year. Of those we were nominated, five were selected as beneficiaries of the Cozy Community Fund. .

Some families needed household items like groceries and toiletries, and many needed help with warm clothing for winter. Rent assistance, oil changes, electricity work and Christmas gifts for children were also among some of the requests that were fulfilled.

We would like to thank local businesses that helped by making donations including: Windy Chevrolet for providing oil changes; Ellensburg Pasta Company, a gift certificate; Ellensburg’s Goodwill, jackets and warm winter gear; Safeway, food donations; Knudson Lumber and Alternative Heat Source, LLC for wood pellets; Catlin Electric Inc., electric work; the Iron Horse Brewery production crew, toiletries; and all of our fans who attended the Cozy Sweater vs Mocha Death Party or anyone who purchased a case of Cozy Sweater.

Dang it. Now we have the feels. Cheers.


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Laurie Haberman
January 10, 2017 11:38 am

A huge thanks to IHB and the other businesses who give and give and give. The family I nominated are so very grateful for the much needed help provided through The Cozy Community Fund. When everyday is like Groundhog’s Day, you start to forget the community’s willingness to make their day a little brighter. Thank you for shining a light on their World and restoring hope.

nicole klauss
January 10, 2017 11:50 am

Thanks for your submission, Laurie! We couldn’t do what we do without nominations and all the support from the community.

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