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What is Quilter’s Irish Death?

What is Quilter’s Irish Death? Who is Jim Quilter?  Two commonly asked questions we will attempt to answer.  Quilter’s Irish Death isn’t a tribute to crafting or sewing although we do love the blanket our grandma made us for our birthday. Thanks, Gramms. Irish Death is our flagship beer, a dark ale with hints of… Read more »


Food From Fans: Death Clams

Sometimes our fans come up with recipes that sound so good we just have to try them and share them with the world. This recipe comes to us from Shawn Strange, from Olympia, WA. Before we get to the recipe, we need you to know a few things we learned about Shawn via this Q&A…. Read more »


Beers With TV Characters

Which TV character would you have a beer with and why? Beer is great. TV shows are also great. The only thing that would be better is if we could have a beer at [ the pub ] with our favorite TV characters. We asked our cousins who they would choose to enjoy a cold… Read more »


New Cousins Part 2

Catch up with the family. Bailey Maxson Position: Packaging Technician Least Favorite Beer Style: American Wheat & Smoked/Rauchbier Bottles, Cans, or Draft: Definitely Draft! Favorite Pass Time: Brewing Look-a-Like: Johnny Depp, Dave Grohl, Jesus, or Erik Karlsson of the San Jose Sharks (I’ve been told I look like others I can’t recall as well) Favorite… Read more »


The Case of the Leaky Seams

Our mom always told us, don’t cry over spilled beer. Or dried beer. Or flat beer. Do something about it. We’re pretty sure that was the message. As you might guess, a brewery that produces roughly 25,000 barrels of beer annually is going to receive a fair amount of (e)mail – mostly positive, which is always… Read more »


Where Are They Now: Aimee Bach Edition

Time for the next former employee feature where we highlight one of our fine cousins (what we call our employees) who has left us and moved on to a new place in their working life. Name: Aimee Bach Iron Horse Brewery: Position at Iron Horse Brewery?Aimee Bach: Barista to Server to Local Marketing & Event… Read more »


New Cousins Part 1

Catch up with the family. Brad Swanson Position at IHB: Server  Least favorite style of beer: Nitro Beers Bottles, cans or draft: Draft Favorite past-time: Mountain biking and rock climbing Who do you look like: Leonardo DiCaprio, with less hair and more beard  Least favorite superhero: Batman, Christian Bale not Ben Affleck Favorite Samuel L Jackson movie: Pulp… Read more »


Batch 6233

#2 in the Lupulin Line Hazy IPA series Tasting Notes & Beer Nerd Info ABV: 6.3 % Appearance: Hazy and straw colored Aroma: Mango, citrus, grass Hops: Definitely Mouthfeel: Tangy and citric, silky Finish: Restrained bitterness and subtle sweetness Available at [ the pub ] while supplies last.

Rikki Welz

Batch 6207 With Pink Boots Hops

Hey Folks! As you can probably tell, I get passionate about beer, in many many facets. The liquid, the process, the nuances, and even the culture of beer is something I consider important to our experience with this tasty liquid. Historically, women were often the brewers of beer, but as industrialization improved the production and… Read more »

Greg Parker

Grain Shed Collab

This collaboration started about 13 years ago, for me anyway. While I was residing in Bozeman, Natalia bought me a book, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. I think it was a Christmas gift, but I really don’t recall. I am no connoisseur of bread books but I do believe this to be one of the finest… Read more »

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EWBF Beers

A list of all the beers at Eastern Washington Brew Fest Eastern Washington Brew Fest Saturday, May 18th, 2019 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. in the Rotary Pavilion Downtown EllensburgIf you don’t know where that is, just head to [ the pub ] at 412 N. Main St. and we’ll point you in the right… Read more »

iron horse brewery the pub

New Cousin At [ The Pub ]

 Catch up with the family.  Meet our newest cousin. Rachell Brant, line cook Least favorite style of beer: I’m not a fan of dark beers. (I love sour beer. It would be so cool if Iron Horse made a sour beer.) Bottles, cans or draft: Draft! Favorite past-time: I love to read. I’m super into… Read more »


English Gramma: A Distinguished Pale Ale

Plate of Fresh Baked Cookies Not Included… All the things you love about grandma – apricots, Earl Grey tea, hugs… but in a lightly hopped pale ale. ABV: 5.8% ABV Hops: 2 Row, Copper Carapils, Caramel 30 Special: Earl Grey Tea & Dried Apricots Malt: Bravo, Delta Best Paired With: Knitting, Crumpets & A Terrier… Read more »

iron horse brewery the pub
Brooke Kvinsland

Spring Changes At [ The Pub ]

Spring at [ the pub ] is in effect! Blooming flowers, sunny days, and longer nights are officially here… along with some changes to the pub! Change #1 Remember the good ol’ days when you were able to bring your furry friends into [ the pub ]? Then, we had to change our policy because… Read more »

iron horse brewery the pub

Eating at [ the pub ] in April

If you’re looking for new food options at restaurants in Ellensburg stop by [ the pub ] to try our specials of the month. We have five new specials on the menu that are only available in April.  Entree Buffalo Chicken Wrap: featuring chicken, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese in a wrap with your choice of… Read more »

Nicole Klauss

Game of Thrones Characters Drinking Iron Horse Beers

SPOILERS. If you have not watched Game of Thrones but want to, you probably shouldn’t read this blog. We don’t have an Iron Throne at Iron Horse Brewery, but we have a number of tasty beers that you should consider picking up for your Game of Thrones viewing party on April 14th. Like everyone else… Read more »

Wes Cutlip

Does beer lose its flavor after the expiration date?

We answer the question you may or may not have asked. Breweries put a lot of hard work into ensuring their product is delivered to consumers in a fresh and ready-to-drink state. Not all, but many go through the effort to also put a packaged-on or best-by date on their beer. What is the significance… Read more »

Ross Chalstrom

Remembering Matt Bonney

A little more than a week ago, Seattle’s craft community lost one of its more impactful personalities suddenly and unexpectedly.  Matt Bonney passed away in his sleep leaving a void that will take a long time to fill. Check out this link for some background on the man… The beer world shocked and saddened by… Read more »