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Brooke Kvinsland

New Food On The Menu At [ The Pub ]

New year, newish menu…. If you have visited the pub over the last couple of months, you might have noticed the specials. Welp, the top sellers made it to the menu. Check out below to see which of your favs made the cut. Weekly specials coming in hot… each week there will be a special,… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Reusable Bag How-To

A quick and easy tutorial on making a reusable bag out of an Iron Horse Brewery t-shirt, or any old t-shirt you have around your house because crafting.    


Wow, You Drank A Lot Of Beer in 2017

We are impressed. You drank a lot of our beer in 2017 — 5,927,944 16-ounce pints specifically (give or take a few because math is hard). If you even consumed just one of those pints, high five yourself. It’s because of you that we get to spend our days brewing tasty beers, making videos about… Read more »

Connie Morgan

Five Times At Basic Training I Needed A Beer

Hello. It’s me, Connie. A girl you used to hear from all the time. Well, the reason you don’t anymore is because I joined the Army. Yep, that army. I shipped for basic in September, finished that up at the end of November, headed straight to Officer Candidate school. If I don’t fail OCS, I’ll… Read more »


15 Resolutions You Can Do Besides Giving Up Beer

You don’t have to have a “dry January” or “give up beer” this year. Here are 15 perfectly viable alternatives to giving up beer. We think these resolution ideas will also help you feel like a better person, or like you’ve grown or something like that. 1. Don’t give up beer. Use a wider variety… Read more »

Brooke Kvinsland

What I Have Learned The Past 2 Years

What has IHB taught me the past 2 years? Wow! Where in the whole world do I begin? I applied for a part-time coffee position, desperate to get out of the house (I was working a sales job from home). Let’s just say I found myself not getting out of my yoga pants and maybe… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

An Open Letter to Mr. or Ms. Hot Pockets®

Dear Mr. or Ms. Hot Pockets®, Your delicious, creamy melted cheese enveloping perfectly diced meat squares wrapped in buttery baked pastry dough is truly one of the best creations of all time.  And, it’s SO. EASY. TO EAT. that is, once you wait the appropriate 5.7 minutes to let it cool down after the requisite… Read more »



FWD: FWD: FWD: YOU’VE BEEN HIT BY THE IHB BEER TRUCK ANNOUNCING OUR NEW GRAMPS HAZY IPA   l*********************l ll_ l____IHB_TRUCK__l ll””’l””’\___ l_________________l lll_l_l_l___l) l(@)*(@)********(@)**(@)****(@)   ONCE YOU’VE BEEN HIT, YOU HAVE TO HIT 12 OF YOUR FRIENDS, INCLUDING WHO SENT IT TO U IF YOU GET HIT AGAIN YOU’LL KNOW YOU LIKE OUR BEER… Read more »

Ross Chalstrom

10 Weird Gift Ideas For All Of Your Favorite People

Tis the season for buying stuff for your loved ones.  Most people stick to the safe gifts like gift cards, tasteful clothing and items the receiver had previously hinted at wanting.  Since all of that is pretty cut and dry, I thought I would do you, the faithful reader, a service by illuminating some gifts… Read more »


Super Mega Ultimate Contest For An LED Giveaway

If you’re needing a little bit of light in your life you should probably get one of those light therapy boxes (which a handful of our cousins swear by) or drive someplace where the sun is actually shining. If you just want to win something really bright to show off how much you love Iron… Read more »

Aimee Bach

Cozy Community Fund Recap Because Helping Others Is Rad

During this holiday season, Iron Horse gets the opportunity to reflect on growth, failures, relationships, and new opportunities. We have a lot to be thankful for as a company such as, living in such a compassionate and engaging community. With that being said, Iron Horse Brewery, with help from Kittitas County residents, committed to donate… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Iron Horse Beer in 2018

Over here in the Iron Horse Brewery trailer department, we spend a ridiculous amount of time behind our computers, looking at charts, analyzing graphs, reading the reddit.com/r/beer forum, making these calendars, or just visiting this site. This time of year is particularly cumbersome because of all the “planning” and “best-guessing” that is happening for the… Read more »

Alex Grosby

Be Gentle, We’re New

For our first show, we sample Harpoon House Golden, talk about the Hazy IPA beer craze, NFL vs. College Football, and whether tips should be earned or entitled.


Sorry, You’re Not A Sport, Pumpkin

On this episode, we sample Lawson’s Finest Liquids Maple Nipple and a 2 year old Super Session #2, talk about pumpkin beers, hunting for sport vs hunting for life, and whether Marching Band is a sport.

Alex Grosby

Barrel O’ Bikes

On this episode, we sample Founders KBS, talk about proper bike riding etiquette, and whether or not, there’s too much nostalgia in Hollywood.

Jared Vallejo

You Got Fragged

On this episode, we sample Night Shift Ever Weisse AND Logsdon Cerasus, we talk about Battlefield v. Call of Duty, all-time video game experiences, and the best of Thanksgiving.

Nicole Klauss

A Year With Official Tours At Iron Horse Brewery

If you’re stumped for a gift idea, what’s better than a brewery tour to see where Irish Death is made? We’ve been allowing some of you into our super not-at-all secret brewing lair for a year now and here’s what happened: One hundred forty-seven people registered for our IHB tours through official channels. Some of… Read more »

Molly Glockner

Beer That Pairs Well With Holiday Shenanigans

Beer (and other alcoholic beverages) that pairs with holiday shenanigans and how I won the lottery- TWICE! Ok, this blog is definitely about Holiday Shenanigans, but first a quick note; Something that some people may or may not know about me is that I’ve won the lottery, not once but TWICE. I know crazy right?… Read more »