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Pilot Batch – Milkshake Stout

Milkshake Stout Hazy Milk Stout – Lots of Lactose Batch 5906   This beer comes from our Head Brewer, Tyson, who has a love-hate relationship with, well many things, but in this case beer trends. Trend in question: Hazy Beer. Unwilling to just plug-and-play in the IPA Haze Craze Tyson decided to apply his aptitude… Read more »

Brooke Kvinsland

New Pub Location Updates

January 23, 2019 Update So many questions, so many vague answers. The process of acquiring a building and planning for the move of our retail operations to that new building has reminded me just how much people seem to crave certainty. At least that is my interpretation of questions like: What is the open date?… Read more »

Aimee Bach

Beard Trends In The Brewing Industry

What once was just a natural hormonal effect of the human body, transformed into a lifestyle trend that helps support self identification, and is now surely at most an underrated artform. I silently judge (it’s ok, we all do) those who I think are just being lazy versus those who take pride in the manicured,… Read more »

Daniel Killeri

Takis Takeover

Takis + Beer If you haven’t discovered the awesomeness of Takis, you need to get off your phone, go to the nearest store, pick up a bag and try them right now. Takis are tortilla snacks that resembled rolled tacos and they are seasoned with a variety of different spices that create an explosion of… Read more »

Molly Glockner

How To Survive The Holidays With Your Family

Have family? Forced to spend time with them? Read on. It’s time. The time you ferociously text with your siblings on what to bring for the holiday, whose house it’s going to be at, what time and do you really have to invite Uncle Ron because no one will forget that one time when he… Read more »

Nicole Klauss

Best Beer Experiences To Gift To Your Friends

Millennials like experiences.  This article and this one say millennials are paying for experiences more than stuff. I’m a millennial and I can think of two recent occasions where that has been true because I like gifting experiences to other people too. A coworker was getting married and had a registry, and what did I… Read more »


Our Take On 8-Ounce Beer Bottles

Off Color Brewing out of Chicago is putting some of their beer in 8-ounce bottles. A recent article by the Chicago Tribune about the packaging change claims the smaller bottles are meant to appeal to consumers because the 22 oz bottle trend is dying, for ABV reasons, and to promote the idea of elegance. We… Read more »


60 Seconds With Jettrell Stetner

How many cats is too many? Name: Jettrell Stetner Profession: Cousin Coordinator at IHB Family: One kid, 2 dogs Hobbies: Mountain biking Residency: Ellensburg Mug Club Status: S***face Favorite Comedian: Sloptober


Where Are They Now: Paul Von Hagen Edition

Time for the next former employee feature where we highlight one of our fine cousins (what we call our employees) who has left us and moved on to a new place in their working life. Name: Paul von Hagen Iron Horse Brewery: Position at Iron Horse Brewery? (We know this, but let’s see if we’re… Read more »


Our Take On Craft Plus Corporate Collaboration Beers

  If you have had the opportunity to try the IPA-Nut beer that was a collaboration between Planters and Noon Whistle Brewing from Lombard, IL then you’ll have to tell us how it tasted because we haven’t gotten to try it. Planters is not the first corporate company to partner up with an independent brewery… Read more »

Brooke Kvinsland

A Cozy Party

Have you been to a cozy party at [ the pub ] before? If you have get ready for the most epic, mind blowing throwdown of some of the ugliest sweaters you have even seen… and what some called the best Santa in town… If you haven’t you might not want to miss this one…. Read more »

Jake Fleming

That Time I Fu#%ed Up The Centrifuge

I wrote a blog a of couple years back about the top 3 fuck up’s that the brewery had experienced.  I think this was a horrible mistake as Karma came back and bit me right in the ass by raining down the worst fuck up probably to happen at the brewery.  I hadn’t ever dumped… Read more »


Sportsballing Exhibition At [ The Pub ]

################################### For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces Sportsballing Exhibition A limited series photography exhibition showcasing the cousins of Iron Horse Brewery ELLENSBURG, WA (October 22, 2018) – Iron Horse Brewery is pleased to present a limited series local photography exhibition “Sportsballing” at [ the pub ] during the First Friday Art Walk on Nov…. Read more »


Our Take On Electrolyte Beers

Recovery Beers? After a long workout is a beer the first thing you reach for? It might be once you learn that some breweries are now making beers with electrolytes. A recent article is suggesting electrolyte beers might be the new recovery drink. We asked our cousins for their thoughts on the growing industry trend…. Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Doctor Who Drank My Beer

As almost none of you know, I realized sometime in the year 2006 that I liked watching sci-fi television.  I should have recognized this earlier in life because I had pimples and not a lot of friends. It was one show in particular that caused my former headgear to tighten up like [ insert clever… Read more »

Nicole Klauss

9 Non-Basic Fall Activities

Fall is here. Your friends have been drinking pumpkin spice lattes since August 28th.Your instagram feed is filling up with pictures of couples going apple picking, boots in the leaves, and pumpkins stacked just so. Everyone’s inner basic bitch is coming out this time of year. Being basic is totally acceptable. I’m pretty sure I’m… Read more »


New Cousins At [ The Pub ]

Catch up with the IHB family.   Joel Ford, line cook Least favorite style of beer: IPA Middle name: Robert What do you wish your middle name is: Roller Favorite past-time: Playing hockey Who do you look like: My dad Most underrated movie of all time: Miracle Least favorite superhero: Spider-Man Favorite Iron Horse Beer:… Read more »


Our Take On Submitting Beers To Competitions

On Episode 31 of Life Behind Beer we talk about Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and why Iron Horse Brewery has traditionally strayed away from entering beer competitions. We discuss the pros and cons to entering a beer festival. Jared: Typically Iron Horse has not submitted our products to judged competitions. Greg has always contended… Read more »


Where Are They Now: Sabrina Enders Edition

Time for the next former employee feature where we highlight one of our fine cousins (what we call our employees) who has left us and moved on to a new place in their working life. Name: Sabrina Enders Iron Horse Brewery: Position at Iron Horse Brewery? Sabrina Enders: I did all the things. I started… Read more »


Our Take On The GABF Hazy Category

This week on Life Behind Beer our cousins discussed the Great American Beer Festival and the Hazy IPA winner. The Juicy or Hazy IPA category was added to the competition lineup for the first time this year and had 391 entries. Earlier this year the juicy or hazy styles were added to the 2018 Brewers Association… Read more »