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Greg Parker

We’re Actually Still Pretty Small

An interesting thing happens as a business like ours grows, some people stop wanting to support it, simply because of that growth. I’m not sure what principle is at play, but I think it has something to do with not being cool any longer because we are too mainstream which to me implies, we are… Read more »


Where Are They Now: Elliott Schmitz Edition

Here at Iron Horse Brewery we’ve had some fine cousins (what we call our employees) over the years. And while we think that giving them free beer will make them stay with us forever, some of them end up leaving to follow their dreams or something. We have a hard time letting go so we’ve… Read more »

Taylor Castillo

“Don’t Get Stuck In Ellensburg” They Say

“Don’t Get Stuck in Ellensburg” They Say. Trust me, I’ve heard this way too often. Many of times, it is said by people who have never lived here. Other times, it’s by people who went to Central, but couldn’t wait to graduate and get out of here. The funny thing is, those are the people who… Read more »

Will Bergman

Just A Sailor Bloggin’ ‘Bout Stuff

Hey All, Want to start off this blog with a quick introduction. My name is William Bergman (Will or Wills) and this is my first blog, so I’ll do my best to put down the random thoughts of a young Navy veteran, now working for a brewery, down in the finest fashion my “professional” experience… Read more »

Alex Grosby

Worthless Clickbait About Music And Beer

If you ever get to know me, you’ll find out pretty quickly I’m passionate about music. It’s what led me to get IHB up on Spotify and try to curate some fine beer drinking tunes. It’s leading me through some other fun IHB endeavors and such.  So, excuse me when I’m flicking through the latest… Read more »

Nicole Klauss

7 Places Where Drinking A Beer Feels Really Good

Do you ever have that perfect beer experience? You crack it open, take a sip, take in your surroundings and for a moment everything is perfect and drinking that beer feels really darn good? I think a lot of times that feeling has to do with where you are and the atmosphere. This is one… Read more »

Quay Thomas

A Short Take On Beer And People

Observations from one of our cousins in packaging Beer is a lot like people. Sometimes you love it right away, sometimes it’s an acquired taste, sometimes you simply despise it. Same with people. When I was a juvenile delinquent, I loved the average beers, Coors light being my favorite. Now it’s Rainier if I need… Read more »


Press Release About Cozy Community Fund Changes

####################### For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces the Return of the Cozy Community Fund in a Different Format Drinking beer helps other people. So does partying at [ the pub ]. ELLENSBURG, WA  (October 31, 2017) The holiday season inspires us to open our hearts to help others. Every year we facilitate the Cozy… Read more »

Alex Grosby

Barrel O’ Bikes

On this episode, we sample Founders KBS, talk about proper bike riding etiquette, and whether or not, there’s too much nostalgia in Hollywood.


The Top Grub At [The Pub]

Our food is a little different and so are we. We started serving food at [the pub] in 2016, and have since been satisfying your tastebuds with a variety of pre-funk snacks, salads and wraps, grub for your hands and palate pleasures. Because we’re curious we decided to take a look at what dishes have been… Read more »


From Ellensburg to Montana

*Originally written by Jim Grover Growing up in the Kittitas Valley was such a great time in my life. Having now lived in Montana for over 25 years, every time my wife Pam and I come home from Montana for Rodeo Weekend or any family event, I can’t help but get goosebumps thinking about all… Read more »


Sorry, You’re Not A Sport, Pumpkin

On this episode, we sample Lawson’s Finest Liquids Maple Nipple and a 2 year old Super Session #2, talk about pumpkin beers, hunting for sport vs hunting for life, and whether Marching Band is a sport.

Greg Parker

An Apology For Humans

I want to apologize. Not for something I have ever done, but for something that I have seen the evidence of and quite literally can’t imagine what kind of depraved, selfish, thoughtless scumbag would ever do. Throwing garbage into pit toilets and Port-a-potties. Here are the only people who could maybe be let off the… Read more »


Where Are They Now? Regan Rinker Edition

Here at Iron Horse Brewery we’ve had some fine cousins (what we call our employees) over the years. And while we think that giving them free beer will make them stay with us forever, some of them end up leaving to follow their dreams or something. We have a hard time letting go so we’ve… Read more »

Duncan Pratt

Boise: The Biggest Secret Of The Northwest

As people have seen, craft beer is shaping a huge part of this generation’s culture. Beer is more than just cracking a cold Bud. It’s an experience where there is something for everyone, from young to old, or cowboy hat, Wrangler wearing, George Strait loving country boy to the one-speed, $100 haircut, indie rock band… Read more »


This Is A Press Release About Big Cans Of Beer

####################### For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces Use Of Crowlers At [The Pub] This handy invention that we didn’t come up with will make it easier for you to transport your favorite beer. ELLENSBURG, WA (October 4, 2017) Iron Horse Brewery is bringing the 32-ounce crowler to [the pub] to help transport more craft… Read more »

Alex Grosby

Iron Horse Banter Machine Is Live

Opinions. Like elbows and assholes, everyone’s got them. In a landscape where they are thrown in your face every waking moment, why bring more? Well, we make beer people seem to enjoy; at least enough for us to bring it to 5 states and keep our cousins afloat. So, Packaging Tech Jay Skeen had an… Read more »


Smash A Pumpkin, Enter to Win

We don’t make a pumpkin beer and we don’t respect pumpkins. That’s why we’re holding the Great Pumpkin Smash contest to collect photos of your smashed pumpkins paired with your favorite Iron Horse Brewery beer. Here’s how to play: Get a pumpkin or use your old carved up one that is going to quickly start… Read more »

Alex Grosby

Be Gentle, We’re New

For our first show, we sample Harpoon House Golden, talk about the Hazy IPA beer craze, NFL vs. College Football, and whether tips should be earned or entitled.